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el hazard: the dual world

features mecha-based action and El Hazard is set in a fantasy realm, but they should both appeal to those liking comedy-action series. If your spirit has wings to travel, even across the breadth of a thousand million nights, imagination will guide the way and the gates of El-Hazard will always be open to you. El Hazard : The Dual World is the fourth of the special "Anime Reboot Projects" to celebrate AIC 's 35th anniversary. Makoto's journey from Earth to El-Hazard endowed him with a special ability to activate and link with ancient devices of a lost El-Hazard civilization, including the Eye of God and the Demon God, Ifurita. In the ruins beneath Shinanome High School, Makoto encounters Ifrit, an ancient, mysterious entity who transports him to the parallel world of El Hazard. and El Hazard both feature otherwise shy Japanese high school boys who are transported to alternate worlds of adventure (and get involved in some gender confusion, comedy, and romance on the side). She also takes the scheming Jinnai Katsuhiko, Jinnai`s irrepressible sister Nanami, and Mr. Fujisawa along.

English: El Hazard: The Alternative World. Fast, free delivery. Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older. El-Hazard: The Wanderers features animation by AIC (Strike Witches, Nyan Koi! Aired: Jan 8, 1998 to Mar 26, 1998. Parallel Lun-Lun Monogatari If you liked. Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. add...then you might like. Status: Completed. El Hazard: The Magnificent World.

), music by Seikou Nagaoka (Chaika – the Coffin Princess, Tenchi Muyo), and … What makes Dual so interesting is that the cast ends up in a parallel universe where all the character's counterparts have slightly different personalities than what they had on Earth. Crowdfunding starts on August 10th and ends on October 31st. Such a land is known as El-Hazard. El Hazard: The Chaotic World is written by Ong Shih Lin and began online publication on July 7th, 1998. This 90's fantasy harem might be a good time-filler that may entertain you with its varied (if not somewhat infuriatingly generic) cast of characters, but all in all it's a truly unremarkable series.
This article is a stub . Sold As Is at Amazon.com Movies & TV, home of … Dual! A silver-haired beauty emerges, seemingly recognises Makoto and uses a magic technique to send him, as well as everyone else on the school premises that night, to the world of El Hazard. Final Verdict: Despite its interesting plot and brilliant world designs, it's hard to classify El-Hazard: The Magnificent World as anything but average.

One month free trial! El Hazard: The Magnificent World, Dual! Synonyms: Ijigen no Sekai El Hazard, Ijigen no Sekai El-Hazard. In her stead, a young woman named Qawuul is brought in as the priestess, and in the tradition of the El Hazard series, falls for Makoto.

It currently stands incomplete at one installment. add. Total: 13.

El Hazard: The Magnificent World [BD-720p] [Dual-Audio] Posted byDarkFlames| Sunday, September 18, 2016. Bugrom (El-Hazard) Farasha Jinnai (El-Hazard: The Dual World) Bian (One Piece) Kabu (One Piece) Mosquito Girl (One Punch Man) Carnage Kabuto (One Punch Man) Kamakyuri (One Punch Man) Cocytus (Overlord) Entoma Vasilissa Zeta (Overlord) Touch Me (Overlord) Bug-type Pokémon (Pokémon) Mosquito (Soul Eater) Annex I Crew Members (Terra Formars) Rent El-Hazard: The Alternative World (1998) starring Christy Mathewson and Lia Sargent on DVD and Blu-ray.