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amarone wine tesco

Amarone della Valpolicella, usually known simply as Amarone, is considered one of Italy’s greatest red wines. Tesco clearly have some expert wine conossieurs working for them who have selected this plentiful bottle of bliss . Want to see your favorites in the list?

These are the top 25 Italian Amarone wines as rated by Vivino users.

Thank you Tesco. Finding the Gold medal winners for red, white and sparkling wine for you! The Top Ten Wines is a list of still and sparkling wines given awards in blind tastes from the biggest International wine award competitions in the world.

By far and beyond my expectations let alone for what it costs. To buy a bottle of Amarone for £10 is a rare event indeed, but thanks to Teco giving a further £15 off a case of 12 bottles I bought this outstanding wine for a mere £8.75 a bottle. Next update in 4 days Report. Great wine. 28th December 2014. Smaller batches of a grower’s very finest fruit are fermented separately and often given extra wood ageing; this ‘premium’ or Riserva version is capable of …

– It’s one of my favorite wine stories to tell.– To do so properly, we must begin at the end, with Amarone’s family name: Valpolicella. Amarone must surely be the best wine in the world. But the style would also be viewed by traditionalists as something of an ’upstart’, a product of the 20 th Century and a reminder of how consumers have turned away from sweet wine styles.

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Find the Top Ten Wines in the UK from your favourite retailers like Waitrose, Tesco, Aldi, Sainsbury's Marks & Spencers. Amarone will usually run you $50-$60 which isn’t cheap. Add Tesco Finest Amarone Valpolicella Docg 75C Add add Tesco Finest Amarone Valpolicella Docg 75C to basket. While some wine prices are artificially inflated, there’s a somewhat practical explanation as to why Amarone is one of Italy’s top red wines. Winemakers in northern Italy’s Veneto region, home of the Amarone DOCG, select the ripest Corvina and other grapes and leave them to dry for several weeks in special temperature-controlled rooms.

The Tesco Finest Amarone Valpolicella picked up a gold medal at the 2018 IWC (International Wine Challenge) Awards (as did its cousin the Tesco Finest Barolo), racking up 95 points (whatever that means to … Many belieeve that Amarone is best drunk by its 10th birthday when the wine is still all about roundness, softness and harmony. Amarone has risen rapidly to prominence in recent decades, gaining fans around the world.

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Wonderful wine, absolutely fantastic. Review from tesco.com.