1. Zero Sum is total 'deletion' from the Godheads dream; a person who zero sums completely disappears and won't appear again in any kalpa which comes. Listed below are the raw concepts behind the theory of the state of Anti-CHIM. The Elder Scrolls V - Elder Scrolls Skyrim Png . 360*580. Those seven words are the driving point, the very essence of CHIM. 800*1200. The Fundamentals Edit. If the person fails in maintaining this individuality, they zero sum. 1. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Png Photos - Elder Scrolls Skyrim Png . The Legend Of Zelda - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . The Elder Scrolls V - Elder Scrolls … 1. 700*209. I AM AND I ARE ALL WE. Anti-CHIM: A Concept and Theory. 2) there exists an entity more powerful than any god or daedra, including Anu and Padomey, that is literally dreaming up the entire universe. We also know that he, probably like the moth priest, is driven 'mad' by reading the Elder Scrolls. 1. 1. 1. The Elder Scrolls (commonly referred to as TES) is an award-winning series of roleplaying games created by Bethesda Softworks.

Zero-Sum and CHIM, perhaps, are self contained Enantiomorphic events. 1) The entire elder scrolls universe, Mundus, oblivion, atherius and all other realms, is a simulation, just like the Lego movie or the matrix. 1076*1086. Set in the vast world of Nirn, The Elder Scrolls series is renowned for the level of unprecedented control given the player over his or her character's destiny, establishing itself as the benchmark in immersive, independently-living worlds for the RPG genre.. It's actually much more complex then what I described. 1. 800*445. User account menu • CHIM and the “zero-sum” Close • Posted by 16 minutes ago. 1. Elder Scrolls Zero Sum . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Now, Septimus is saying crazy stuff about Elder Scrolls, Dwemer, and who know what else from the moment we meet him. 1. log in sign up. CHIM is the observed reality that despite possibility and probability, one's own will dictates that they are in fact real, and the observer, being yourself, sees the reality of the Dream. We have a state of real and not real which seem to be simultaneous. r/teslore: /r/teslore is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion and creation of the vast lore of The Elder Scrolls. Press J to jump to the feed. Pin By Dillon Pabrezis On The Elder Scrolls - Elder Scrolls Legends Ulfric Stormcloak . If you want, a discussion of this text and the concept of zero sum is found here.