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Freesia in pots

The soil has to be kept moist during the growing season. The bulbs look like small, slim onions. Staking is advised to keep the stems upright. Select a container with adequate drainage holes, and fill it with well-draining potting mix. Over time your Freesias will multiply. The plant is native to South Africa and is similar in appearance to the iris plant. Freesias will self-sow if faded flowers are not removed; volunteers tend to revert to cream marked with purple and yellow. Location for planting Freesia bulbs. It's a beautiful plant for gardens and landscapes, as well as containers. The plants grow from a tender bulb so will need special care in colder locations. When to plant freesia bulbs You should expect to see flowers in three months time. Pots, Tubs & Urns. Freesias feature slender stalks of deliciously fragrant, tubular flowers that bloom in clusters in winter or spring. Plant your freesia 5cm deep and 5cm apart for the most brilliant display. Plant them with the pointed end facing upwards. Click here to see all Freesia varieties . When planting freesia bulbs, position them in a spot where they will receive full sun during the day. Dig holes and plant your freesia bulbs 2 inches deep and 3 inches apart. Freesia is a bulb growing plant that produces fragrant funnel shaped flowers in the spring and winter seasons. Freesia plants grow up to 15 to 24 inches tall and are commonly planted in containers versus being planted in the ground. Freesias grow up to 12-24 in. Fill your containers with good quality, well-drained potting mix. In Upper, Middle, and Lower South, plant 2 inches deep, 2 inches apart in pots and grow indoors in a sunny window. Freesia plants do best as an individual specimen in containers because of their specific growing requirements. Site containers where they will receive full day sun. You can also grow your freesias in a pot using the same soil and spacing requirements. I left the pot where it was, and some 'poor man's lettuce' (that's what my mum called it, can't remember the real name, sorry) grew over the top of the pot. Then it would rain and rain and rain. Freesias perform best in full sun or light shade, in moist and well-drained soils. If you are growing Freesia in pots or containers, plant bulbs close together, so the arrangement looks full. Then, plant your bulbs around 2 inches deep with the pointed end up. Make sure there are adequate drainage holes; freesia must never sit in waterlogged soil or they will rot. Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook Keep room temperature as cool as possible at night. No matter where you grow freesia, make sure it's someplace you can enjoy the blooms' wonderful fragrance! Their fragrant, 2" flowers open over a long blooming period, in sequence along 12"-18", arching, wirey stems.
At this point, move them into a sunny position. Freesia grows 12 to 16 inches tall so its ideal to cut for fresh use.
Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account. Freesia Propagation. tall (30-60 cm) above a grassy, sword-shaped foliage. However, you will need to place the pot in a shaded and warm position until you see the first sprouts, watering regularly to keep the soil moist. Space them a few inches apart. Freesia plants like rich, well draining soil. Freesia x hybrida Freesias are tender, brightly flowered, easy to care for bulbs that can be grown in the garden, in planters, or as a house plant in a sunny, cool room. Growing freesia at home was just too challenging for me in New England. Tip: Freesia are attractive in pots and containers. It is most important that the soil is not wet or soggy for extended periods … When it was really windy in November, the weeds got blown down, and the pot was revealed, showing me that two of the freesias had sprouted, and were about 2" high! The corms cannnot be allowed to freeze, so I used to plant them after the last frost date in pots outside on the patio.