For over ten years, Wohlhaupter has continued to expand their large … Boring bars with carbide shanks improve your length of diameter ratio and dampen vibration. Reduced tooling costs, economical • Boring Minimum cutting diameter ø2.2mm-Nose R: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 † Grooving Minimum cutting diameter ø3mm-† Threading Minimum cutting diameter ø3mm-† Copying Minimum cutting diameter ø3.5mm-aWide range available Rigibore manufactures a very wide range of standard, single-point boring bars with boring units to suit rough boring, semi-finish and finish boring Carbide Inserts Whether you are cutting cast iron, aluminium, steel, plastics, or titanium alloys, Rigibore technology offers you a wide and varied range of cutting edges in the form of indexable carbide inserts

Steel / Heavy Metal. SPR York’s Large Diameter Boring Bars are specially designed for the shipbuilding industry.

Carbide Shank. Where can I find LARGE boring bar and tool holder? Go Back; Heads; Standard Boring Bars; Boring Noses; Modular Boring Bars; Reduction Bushings; Solid Carbide Boring Bar Holders; Boring Kits; Precision Finish Boring System. Small Boring Bar Series Features MICRO-MINI TWIN a1 tool offering 2 cutting edge types. Boring diameters from 400mm to 1600mm. I would love to find a boring bar 2 1/2- 3" in diameter, and 36" long. The Model 2500 machine uses a 10″ diameter boring bar for boring from 28″ to 72″ diameter. 11-02-2012, 03:11 PM #2. thermite . Boring bars are used to enlarge or finish the inside diameter of a workpiece. Thanks. Cross Hole. Any advice is appreciated. Small Diameter Boring Systems. A boring tool is used with lathes and other CNC machines that require boring operations. View Profile View Forum Posts Diamond Join Date Sep 2011 Country UNITED STATES State/Province Virginia Posts 30,481 Post Thanks / Like Likes … Larger Diameter Boring. Likes: 7. Boring bars available in steel or heavy metal shanks to improve length to diameter ratios. Go Back; Heads; Insert Holders; Large Diameter Boring System. These standard boring tools can be used on HMC (Horizontal Machining Centers) and VMC (Vertical Machining Centers) and range from cutting diameter … Boring bars with a minimum bore diameter of .050" (1.27mm). Rigibore offers a range of standard, rotating tool, boring bars for rough boring, semi finish boring and finish boring operations. The Model 2000 machine uses an 8″ diameter boring bar to machine bores from 16″ to 60″ diameter.