Somewhere beyond our own world, there is a place where young girls sleepwalk on water, forest witches heal the sick, and an age­old family has the power to communicate with the dead. Floridian Ben Cooper is the one-man-band recording as Radical Face. Find concert tickets for Radical Face upcoming 2020 shows. Radical Face - Live on Jefferson Public Radio Greetings everyone. Radical Face is the solo project of Ben Cooper (mainly of Electric President fame). 84 people have seen Radical Face live. Cooper, from Jacksonville Beach, FL is the sole member of the band, although he has enlisted the help of fellow Electric President Alex Kane, Cooper's friend Mark Hubbard and his brother Emeral. Always Gold Lyrics: We were tight knit boys / Brothers in more than name / You would kill for me / And knew that I'd do the same / And it cut me sharp / … Highlighted with light orchestral flourishes and acoustic guitar, Radical Face's early recordings included an EP and an album titled The Junkyard Chandelier. However, Radical Face has an acoustic sound.. Radical Face Concert Setlists & Tour Dates. All the sounds are put together on a computer. It is here, among the twisted trees and abandoned factory towns, that the music of Radical Face makes its home, a realm where... Read more » Cooper is also in Electric President, an electronic music group. Radical Face.

Radical Face is one of several projects undertaken by American singer-songwriter Ben Cooper along with acts such as Electric President, Mother's Basement and The Clone Project. Mar 12 2020. Radical Face at 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA.

When The Page Becomes A Mirror: A Chat With Radical Face As Radical Face, Ben Cooper has released a series of albums telling the story of multiple generations of … Gigs seen live by. Radical Face's music has been on television programmes and in the movie Wish I Was Here. Radical Face is a musical act whose main member is Ben Cooper, who sings and plays multiple instruments. Radical Face issues a thoughtful meditation on the process of getting to know one's self via Therapy and talks about letting go of trauma, the loneliness of knowledge, and what comes next. Both have inked deals with German label Morr Music. Recently, u/e5dra5 brought to my attention a really good in-studio performance of some tracks from the Therapy EP that Ben performed with Josh and Griffin for Jefferson Public Radio. Cooper is on the road behind the anniversary edition of his 2007 debut album, Ghost.Radical Face,Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA, Wed Jan 29, 8 pm Dear readers, We need your help. He's also half of the Morr duo Electric President, a project focused on muted … Sisters Lyrics: I tied your shoes while you sat and watched the rain / Hands folded across your lap, and the dull look of peace across your face / Mom down the hall, Bible pressed to her chest

Jacksonville Beach, Florida-based Radical Face is primarily Ben Cooper, who is also one-half of similar quiet-is-the-new-loud duo Electric President. Explore Radical Face tour schedules, latest setlist, videos, and more on