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massive vs serum

I was heading towards Serum but I hear so much good stuff about Omnisphere 2 that I am also considering this as an option. I find it a lot harder to program Massive to do what I want because of its limitations, whereas with Serum, there are plenty of modulators.

And what’s more is that Serum’s FX seem to be more customisable – for example, the Distortion unit in Serum can do the same as the Distortion, Bit Crusher and Sample + Hold combined. I've always despised how Massive sounds here. omnisphere 2 or Serum. Archived.

Massive does have some advantages, but I find Serum sounds better without you having to do a lot.

Every time I open Massive I'm just lost with what to do and end up with preset patches that I minorly tweak, but with Serum was so much easier to pick up and learn from day 1. With this said, Massive X is an immensely robust synthesizer, and there’s no limit to how it can be explored. Hands-on demo - Massive X vs Serum. With Native Instruments finally dropping Massive X after over a decade since the first version, it’s not hard to imagine that many folks were quick to wonder how it compares to that other studio mainstay - Serum. Massive x ist noch nicht draussen, insofern kann man sich da eigentlich eher schlecht ne Meinung drueber bilden. I can buy only 2 of them. idsound November 29, 2017 Instruments and Effects. I've made many patches I'm happy with that started with an Init preset. In the video below, MusicRadar pits Massive X against a worthy competitor, Serum, comparing the features and capabilities of these two soft synths side by side. Since Massive launched in 2007, playing a key role in the development of bass music, numerous high-profile rivals have equalled and even bettered it, chief among them Xfer Records’ more modernistic Serum. Serum has a MUCH better unison engine than Massive too, especially if you're going down the supersaw route. The Serum factory presets aren't that great, but remember that Massive has been out for 12 years and Serum has only been out for 4(?) Sylenth1 vs Serum vs Spire vs Massive vs Nexus. Posted by 3 years ago.

What synth do you use ? I'm looking at Massive and have heard about Serum also. I'm looking to invest in a new synth plugin, something with wavetable synthesis capabilities. Could you help me decide what is better ?

It depends on you and what genre or type of sound design you’re closely tied with.

based on observation, all three serve different purposes.

Hands-on demo - Massive X vs Serum. With this said, Massive X is an immensely robust synthesizer, and there’s no limit to how it can be explored.
Obviously there is quite a big price difference (and omnisphere offers a lot more) so I want to be sure the extra is worth it. Da werden die schon ne schoene Wuchtbrumme mit Massive X gezimmert haben um sich den markt … I'm looking for a modern kind of sound and one I can really make a Omnisphere 2 vs Serum: Battle of the Synths.

Die von NI sind nicht dumm, die wissen schon das Massive quasi von Serum abgeloest wurde, in den Hauptgenres die Massive bedient. Massive X vs. Serum - Feature & Sound Comparison. Close. Most people on internet say that serum and spire are better. We’ve all wondered how they compare to each other, and today, after thorough analysis of both, we will come up with a winner. While Massive X certainly seems to have a greater number of unique FX (and Serum sticks to the basics), Massive X is limited in the number you can use. Serum all the way.

Omnisphere and serum: Two giants of the software synth world.

all are effective too, in terms of the EDM genre, but out of the 3, my choice would be Serum. 11. There are very few reasons I can think of to go with Massive (massive preset choice and 'tried and true' wavetables being the only ones that spring to mind). years. Sylenth1 vs Serum vs Spire vs Massive vs Nexus. Massive ist wirklich uralt, Serum nicht. But top producers ( Garrix, Walker, Hardwell, ... ) use Sylenth1 and Nexus. and why ? It’s not quite news anymore that Native Instruments has released Massive X, and we’ve had plenty of time now to get our hands on it and try it out. Hi all, With myself working from home I've saved a lot of money on travel and whatever else and want to use it to buy a synth VSTi.

Time for a sequel, then: Massive X - an entirely new synth with its own features and sound, that coexists with the still-available Massive. Massive sounds just about as good as Serum, but Serum is just so much easier to use and it's GUI is an entire generation better than Massive.