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aleksandra urban dictionary
She’s sweet she kind she she’s beautiful inside and out, but you ain’t want to get on her bad side because in an argument she will ALWAYS WIN. Aleksandra a beautiful and hot girl who everyone loves, she extremely loyal to her friends and will always have an answer for everything. Klāvs Siliņš: Latviešu personvārdu vārdnīca. She deserves more than she has, so spoil her. She always has a big smile ready for everyone, and loves to be around others.

Scholarships of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 1998 and 2003. She is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet. Can be very stubborn and moody at … Riga "Zinātne" 1990, →ISBN; Population Register of Latvia: Aleksandra was the only given name of 7260 persons in Latvia on May 21st 2010, including Russian speakers. See more. Aleksandra Urban (born March 17, 1978) is a Polish painter.Diploma in painting at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Aleksandra is so beautiful and hot!! She'll change your life, making it the best you could want it to be. Aleksandra m. genitive singular form of Aleksandrs; References .

She is worth every second of your time, and you'll never regret staying up all night with her. A name for a girl who is well-liked by everyone. Usually a girl's name.
She's one of the strongest people you'll ever meet.

Alexandra definition, queen consort of Edward VII of England. Aleksandra also means Tiara in another language. She is the most patient and caring person you could ever meet.