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is city park new orleans safe

Overall, most hotels in New Orleans are in areas that are quite safe for tourists to visit and travel between, with the exception being those on Chef Menteur Highway, which are largely safe to stay in but further out from the city's biggest attractions. Portraits From New Orleans: A Close-Knit City Keeping a Safe Distance Skip to Comments The comments section is closed.
Thanks for the A2A. My … One thing that people haven’t mentioned: be on the lookout for cars. City Park has been a public space for New Orleans residents and visitors since 1854, when the land, formerly belonging to the Allard Plantation, was given to the city. City Park. Like Matt Perrenod, I am puzzled by many of the answers so far. Park your car without hassle when you visit New Orleans.

Some of them are obviously people who don’t live here presently (and in some cases haven’t lived here in over a decade). The 1300-acre Eden known for its stands of Live Oak trees and outdoor recreation includes a man-made lake with kayaks and stand up paddleboards for rent.
Find meter holidays, commercial lots, airport parking and more info, here. Just be aware of the rules and regulations. For locals who don’t have lots of personal green space, City Park is an extended back yard, a place to picnic and barbecue, bike and fritter away a lazy afternoon. Most of its better-known attractions cluster near the southern corner of the rectangle – the part closest to the French Quarter. New Orleans has terrible drivers in the first place, and in the early AM people aren’t awake/haven’t had coffee/still drunk. But he runs around City Park and well-traveled areas around Mid-City/Bayou St John.

Another place to be wary of in New Orleans is Mid-City, for several reasons: First, if the city floods again, Mid-City will be one of the hardest-hit areas. To submit a letter to the editor for publication, write to letters@nytimes.com .