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how to summon sitri

Sitri (also spelled Bitru, Sytry ) is a Great King of Jinnestan, and reigns over sixty legions of demons. He is hard to control for the magician who will summon him. Check out the Sitri summoning guide to learn more. Lately he won't let me out the door unless I clear at least a table for any guests I bring back. --arcangel] [No stats.] Asmodeus In order to summon Sitri it’s valuable to abstain from sexual activities for a period of time. According to the writings in The Lesser Key of Solomon, Sytry is the twelfth spirit listed in the Goetia. Asmodeus If invoked he might send you to a barber and possibly to a tailor. Sitri Habbalah Captain of Lust (Andre) Demon of Homosexuality . I read a lot of negative reviews of people who had interacted with him earlier and had suggested not to ever get in touch with him. 625M. Created by : unseelie@warwick.net. One may create s succubi/incubi from the shadows of Sitri in the black mirror, forming them nude in the shape that you find desirable. Sitri, alias Bitru, is a great prince, appeering with the face of a leopard, and having wings as a griffen: when he taketh humane shape, he is verie beautiful, he inflameth a man with a womans love, and also stirreth up women to love men, being commanded he willinglie deteineth secrets of women, laughing at them and mocking them, to make them luxuriouslie naked, and there obeie him sixtie legions.

He is one of the very few Geminis that I’ve dealt with that leaves heavy residual energy, burning-like and mentioned that he’s left handed. In order to summon Sitri it’s valuable to abstain from sexual activities for a period of time. Upon the command of the conjuror, he takes up the shape of a fair human male. Stat Points. He then assumes the shape of a beautiful human. For those that are not familiar with Sitri, he is the 12th spirit from the Lesser Key of Solomon's book 1, also known as the Goetia and said to… Idk if Applecare covers demonic possession though). He is depicted as a humanoid with the head of a leopard and the wings of a griffin, but at the request of the conjurer can take the form of a very handsome man. This demon is one of the darker spirits among them all and should only be summoned by very highly experienced conjurers. As a warning: the text below deals with a sensitive topic; reader discretion is advised. 285. When he takes on human shape, he is very beautiful. The wings are presumably for flight as he is usually portrayed mid-flight. Lemegeton (15%) Enchanted Robe (10%) Devil King's Heart Fragment (40%) Corrupted Token (1.7%) Many centuries ago, far before the angels … Sitri is a demon most concerned with sexuality. Sitri is on very good terms with Andrealphus, and has done several services for Nybbas, who has responded by improving the media's image of gay culture -- compare the present image of homosexuality to its status before Eli left. Sitri is also fond of the Sun, and aside from my clients’ inquiry, he told me too that I can use Solar attributes, aside from Mercurial ones. 700. This will create a charge in the body which can be used during the ritual to create a stronger result. Attack Damage. I summon Sitri before going to a Sauna. 30000. Sitri is fastidious especially about beds and other facilities for sexual contact. APPEARANCE: Sitri manifests as a man with the head of a leopard and the wings of a griffin. Sitri aka Bitru, Sytry Rank: Prince Legions: 60 Strongest: Mid-May Demon Summoning: [CONFIDENTIAL]. Step by Step Instructions on How to Summon Sitri: Become a Member. HP. Solomon's Boundaries. That includes your handwork as well. 475. He inflames men and women to fall in love with each other and take off all their clothes. I asked Sitri "Are you in my presence" and flipped the coin for "yes" or "no". So in order to charge your connection with Sitri it’s really helpful to abstain from any sexual intercourse for at least one week. Sitri is very useful in love and lust spells, thus being a powerful tool for the sorcerer. Final Fantasy XV: How to summon the astrals How to get and summon Titan. In general I believe that only the very knowledgeable should attempt to summon any demons ever, however in this particular case where I want to make clear that … Hey guys. Right, you are on your way and might score some. First of all, i'm not native, so please excuse any mistakes, i try my best. Gold. LVL 1000 or 50k base stats. Sitri (also spelled Bitru, Sytry ) is a Great King of Jinnestan, and reigns over sixty legions of demons. Being requested he discloses the secrets of women and laughs at them. I've come to a point in my live, where I need some help. 450002-450024. I began to chant "Sitri" and gaze into the black mirror/iPad screen until I felt something, then took out a gold Pokemon coin, which I use for divination (yeah guys I really need some proper occult stuff). Sitri is a prince and he appears with the face of a leopard, and he has wings. For example, if you want to attract a lover, you’d probably be better off summoning a demon like Zepar or Sitri, whose specialty is to make one more attractive to the opposite sex. Hello again, readers; in this article I will be talking about my work with the spirits Sitri and Fro'ghla'tasch for obtaining sex. He also reveals secrets of women, mocking them. He is depicted with the face of a leopard and the wings of a griffin, but under the conjurer's request he changes into a very beautiful man.