May Day in France is all about two things: muguet, pronounced “moo-gay” (lily of the valley in English) and Labour Day. There are some cultural details we take for granted. The birthday song is similar in tune to the “happy birthday to you” song you’re quite familiar with---but translated into French, of course.

Je means “I” and the object pronoun in French, used to refer to “you” is vous.While souhaite means “wish,” plein means “full,” de means “of,” and bonheur is “happiness.”En will mean “on,” cette translates to “this,” journée is “day,” and spéciale means “special”. May Day is a public holiday usually celebrated on 1 May or the first Monday of May. It is an ancient festival of spring and a current traditional spring holiday in many European cultures. Birthday traditions in France are same as elsewhere: a cake, gifts, as well as singing of birthday songs. The more little bell … Apart from singing at friends’ birthday parties and being able to participate in public scenes such as the one above like a true native, there are many reasons to learn the “Happy Birthday” song in French.. For starters, there are actually several different versions of the song. If you’ve ever celebrated classmates’ birthdays in your French class, or seen a French movie or TV show where there was a birthday, you might think you’ve got French birthday traditions down pat.. Then there may come a day when you’re invited to a French person’s birthday, or even that you’re the one planning it. A most basic topic of conversation, apart from the weather, is the time we live in—the day, the month, the season, the year. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases.

Reasons to Learn the French Birthday Song. We mark time, literally, by the words for these signposts. So anyone seeking to speak French, or any other language, will want to know how to speak of such basic demarcations. French Translation of “day” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Here are some common ways to greet people a happy birthday in French. Dances, singing, and cake are usually part of the festivities. On the 1st of May friends and family offer each other little sprigs, bouquets or whole plants of lily of the valley for good luck.