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maundy thursday reflection

Three holy days: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, known as the Paschal Triduum, is the bridge that gets us from Lent to Easter. Rev. I am putting myself in the scene, this soul-weary, overweight, middle-aged black woman who needs Jesus with everything in me. Gordon Presbytery has also produced, “Holy Week Together,” where you can watch different ministers on each day of Holy Week. This is something quite different and probably best listened to on headphones - partly because it is generally relatively quiet and to cut down external noise. Yesterday. Maundy Thursday Reflection, Scott. Can you see it? Adam Knight. He says that … We have come to know our brokenness, our mortality, and our insufficiency. by UrbanFaith Staff. Maundy Thursday Reflection. In my mind I am there with the disciples. This reflection was prepared by the Revd Andy Goodliff, minister of Belle Vue Baptist Church in Southend, Essex, and shared at the church in 2018.

A Maundy Thursday Reflection. The footwashing section was strictly optional, because I found some people thought it was a bit too personal. I’ll try and post something for Good Friday as well as Easter Sunday. With his words this meal was of a different kind to all the meals we had shared. We will the daily reflections onto our website each morning. Coker United Methodist Church. Maundy Thursday Sermon Scripture: John 13:1-7, 31-35 Someone blogging about Holy Week wrote this… “Holy Week is not about pursuing happiness… Holy Week is about surviving with a broken heart, and cherishing that brokenness, so that your life is transformed by it.”[1] And here we are on Maundy Thursday- called Maundy for the Latin word… “Death will be a quick turn, the winking of an eye but dying turns and twists and waits and teases.”-Walter Brueggeman, from Easter in the Very Belly of Nothingness with reflections for MAUNDY THURSDAY GOOD FRIDAY HOLY SATURDAY Compiled by Hilary Ann Golden, MDiv 2013 asacredourney.net. Maundy Thursday .


Maundy Thursday is not primarily about washing feet, though that is an important part of the story of Jesus’ last Passover. You can watch… Maundy Thursday Reflections Maundy Thursday/Holy Thursday is the day we are reminded of the call to service by God. Give Me Your Feet: A Maundy Thursday Reflection. Maundy Thursday Reflection9 April 2020 Dear Methlick Parish Church and Community, Please find below my reflection for Maundy Thursday. I am present with my Jesus. Right before he would embark on the journey to Calvary for his crucifixion, Jesus displayed the ultimately perfect love. Maundy Thursday is full of religious significance and tradition. It’s about a deeper humility: the gift of Christ’s own body and blood. With his words he held out broken bread and the cup of wine. With his words he was doing something new. Antony Kadavil reflects and comments on the readings at Mass for the Maundy Thursday.