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what did scrooge learn from the 3rd spirit

In A Christmas Carol, Dickens tells us the story of a miserly man named Ebenezer Scrooge and how he is transformed by the ghostly Christmas Eve visitations of his deceased business partner, Jacob Marley, and of the spirits of Christmases Past, Present and Future. He fell into bed, exhausted. Ask for details ; Follow Report by Zoebyronbay5748 12/08/2017 Log in to add a comment Answer. He could be contributing to the well being of Bob Cratchett's family, instead he is alone with his money and nothing else. The spirit first shows Scrooge a funeral scene, with businessmen wondering about the money that the dead man has left. The Ghost of Christmas Present is the second of the three spirits (after the visitations by Jacob Marley and the Ghost of Christmas Past) that haunt the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, in order to prompt him to repent.He shows Scrooge how other people, especially those he knows, celebrate Christmas in order to show the reader what people think of Scrooge behind his back. Charles Dickens wrote the classic "A Christmas Carol" in 1843. He learns to understand the pain that surrounds him and the happiness that Christmas brings Asked in A Christmas Carol The ghost asks Scrooge to touch his robe. The instant Scrooge does, they are transported out of the room into the cold Christmas street, where many neighbors are scraping and shoveling the snow from their roofs, and talking to each other merrily, despite the gloomy weather. What lessons did Scrooge learn from each spirit in A Christmas Carol?

From his travels with the Ghost of Christmas Past, Scrooge sees his progression from an innocent, neglected child to a responsible, choice-making adult. In a booming voice, the spirit announces himself as the Ghost of Christmas Present. Mr Scrooge was living a life of misery without even being aware just how awful he really was in "A Christmas Carol." Answered by KenÁsia E #859894 on 1/7/2019 6:30 PM the spirit shows scrooge that was nasty,greedy … The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is a fictional character in English novelist Charles Dickens's 1843 novella A Christmas Carol.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is the third and final spirit to visit Scrooge. What did Scrooge learn from the spirit of Christmas present? He also learned that he missed out a lot by not loving (having been hurt by the deaths of his mother and sister, and then not marrying his fiancee) The spirit's hand begins to tremble, and, as Scrooge continues to cry out for mercy, the phantom's robe shrinks and collapses. He is a silent, giant phantom clad in a hooded black robe, has 1800 brothers, and will live for only one day.