Product Data Sheet April 2019 00813-0100-4860, Rev BE Rosemount™ 8600 Series Utility™ Vortex Flowmeter The Rosemount 8600 Vortex delivers superior reliability for general purpose applications. FLOW MEASUREMENT.

Control Power Solutions. The measured quantity is outputted as mass or volume. KOBOLD offers a variety of flow sensors that can directly determine the flow rate of a gas or a liquid. Enclosures & Junction Boxes. Close About ... Reels and Switches. These are pressure switches (switching elements on/off), sensors and pressure … A small obstruction called a bluff body is placed in the flowpath. Rosemount reliability—the Rosemount 8600 Vortex improves reliability over traditional flow … Vortex flow meters were put into practical use in the 1970's; thus their history is relatively short. The frequency of the vortex shift is directly proportional to flow rate. The DVZ series vortex flowmeters are the perfect solution for applications where reliability and low cost are desired. The shedder bar causes process fluid to separate and form areas of alternating differential … The DVZ senses the flowrate of low viscosity liquids using the vortex shedding principle. ... Rosemount 8800DD015 Dual Vortex Flow Meter, 1.5 Inch (DN40) Compare Compare Rosemount 8800DD020 Dual Vortex Flow …

We also offer many models of flow transmitters that can both monitor and control flow. In this way, a distinction is made between purely reactive systems which trigger an action when a certain flow rate is reached, and those systems which, as flow sensors, exclusively monitor and count the flow rate. In a Vortex flow meter, an obstruction in the flow path, often referred to as a shedder bar, serves as the bluff body. Browse Vortex products. Flow rate measuring instruments measure the amount of substance that flows through a pipe cross-section per time unit. Vortex flow meters operate under the vortex shedding principle, where an oscillating vortexes occur when a fluid such as water flow past a bluff (as opposed to streamlined) body.

Distribution Equipment. This shift in the vortices is detected by a very sensitive pressure sensor and is processed as a scaled flow rate signal. They have been mainly used at petrochemical plants because of their two main features, the fact that they do not have any mechanical moving parts and are maintenance-free. Depending on the application variables and media specifications, different flowmeters or flow monitors can be used. The DVZ … Huba develops, manufactures and markets components designed exclusively for the measurement of pressure. The frequency that the vortexes … Various flow sensors allow exact and precise control of the flow rates and they can act quickly and automatically. Typical flow rate applications measure gases, vapours and aggressive or viscous liquids in pipelines as well as bulk solids on conveyor belts.