This format of SJT test question presents you with statements about your work-related behaviors. There are few types of reasoning tests: Numerical, Verbal, Logical, Diagrammatic and Situational Judgement, and each of them assess different skillset.

Candidates will then be invited to complete a Numerical Reasoning test and a UBS Situational Judgement Cultural Appraiser, with the numerical test consisting of 18 questions.

Psychometric tests are a key component of UBS Application Process.

Being a team member for some employers might also mean – putting the needs of the team above your own and being able to demonstrate openness and honesty with all the members. Practice our tests from £7.99 or Try Free SJT Demo Tests. You will be required to take Situational Judgement Test that was designed to reflect UBS Culture and Numerical Reasoning Test.. UBS Situational Judgement Tests. Applicants have to pass a situational judgement test before being offered a position. UBS Logical Reasoning Test UBS’ Logical Reasoning Test, often referred to as a Diagrammatic or Inductive Test, will expose you to 5 diagrams with varying shapes and ask you to identify the right pattern and indicate what comes next in the sequence. The most common types of online assessment tests you will encounter in the UBS intern hiring process is a situational judgement test. The test will provide hypothetical situations that one might encounter in the workplace and ask you to choose how you would respond from a list of choices.

Situational judgement tests assess your ability to choose the most appropriate action in workplace situations.

All questions are multiple-choice.

UBS looks for employees with a high ability to handle various situations in a specific manner.

SJTs assess desired competencies and … Candidates are asked to choose, rate or rank-order these responses. UBS Psychometric Tests.

This is a practice situational judgement test that simulates a real situational judgement aptitude test.

The test has 5 questions and you should aim to complete the test within 5 minutes. Situational Judgement Tests depict realistic situations and conflicts which are likely to arise in the daily work routine, and provide responses for resolution. Situational Judgement Practice Test. How to Pass a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) Your score must amount to at least 70% to pass your situational judgment test.

UBS Situational Judgement Online Tests. These assessments are designed to assess how you would handle situations that you could encounter in the job you are applying for.

The following example shows … Situational Judgement Test (SJT) UBS’s situational judgement test – UBS calls it a Cultural Appraiser – evaluates the personality and behavioral preferences of the candidate.

Your position on this list ultimately determines the priority you will have during the hiring process for the job.