They are usually made from materials like clay and ceramic, but models made from other materials, like plastic, glass, metal, wood, and even bone, are also available in the selection on eBay. Regardless of the material, the actual instrument must be somewhat thin in order to produce the right sound. What is an ocarina made out of? Plastic ocarinas tend to accumulate moisture over time. Plastic material and construction are quite sturdy. About the Songbird Kokiri Ocarina of time This is a review for Songbird Ocarina Kokiri edition seven hole Ocarina. The Songbird plastic ocarinas are actually Focalink plastic ocarinas. Products Focalink Stein has many different ocarinas available in the 12 hole variety, doubles, triples, and pendants. Songbird Ocarina teamed up with Stein Ocarina to make this amazing Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time replica. Development of multi-tubed ocarinas solved this limitation, but also created new problems in harmonizing volume and airflow. Best Sounding Plastic Ocarina on the Market! The ocarina has 7 holes and is made of plastic. Shop for our diverse selection of hand crafted ocarinas including the Legend of Zelda Ocarina, 12 hole ocarinas and song books. The Ocarina by Songbird is a good choice for all musicians. You can wipe the outside of your ocarina with a damp cloth or a dry cloth to polish it up a bit. Contents[show] History Please insert information regarding Focalink-Stein's history here. Focalink-Stein, also known as Feng Ya Pottery, is a major ocarina producer/dealer based in Taipei, Taiwan. -5” X 1” X 2.5” Your Order is Supported by Songbird Ocarinas Legendary Customer Service Team! Order. How do I clean my ocarina? Focalink-Songbird Soprano C Plastic - The Ocarina Network -Every Ocarina is Backed with a 30-day guarantee. Worldwide shipping! -All Songbird Ocarinas are packed securely, insuring they reach you without damage or defect. And they are virtually indestructible.

The tone produced is bright, crisp and nice. Songbird Zelda Ocarina of Time - 7 Holes - Plastic - C Major (Tenor) Songbird created an ocarina that's comfortable to play, sounds good and looks exactly like the Ocarina of Time from the Zelda games.

Songbird Ocarina delivers beautiful handmade ocarinas and an inspiring global community right to your fingertips. The Focalink Bravura has the distinction of being the first transverse plastic ocarina to be good enough to be recommended as a first ocarina. Instructions + Zelda Songbook included. If you notice that it stops playing as clearly, you probably need to clean out the mouth channel. Follow. The "Ocarina of Time" is an important item in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask and an instrument Link uses in those games to play music. Songbird Vivo StrawFire Ocarina - 12 Holes - Ceramic - … These days, it seems like a lot of people like the Focalink Osawa model better.
€ 29, 95. They are especially designed for educators and parents who well know the meaning of kid proof, but who value the quality of … -Every Ocarina is Backed with a 30-day guarantee. "Ocarina of Time" 12 Hole Plastic Zelda Ocarina,12 Hole Alto C Ocarina, Replica Zelda Ocarina, Unbreakable Plastic Ocarina by OcarinaWind. Songbird Ocarinas February 12, 2020 23:29. Development of multi-tubed ocarinas solved this limitation, but also created new problems in harmonizing volume and airflow. The ocarina has 7 holes and is made of plastic. Our Ocarina Buying Guide Introduction. If you are a gamer/musician like me, chances are the first time you heard of the Ocarina was with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in the Nintendo 64.