APHA Communities Member Sections Public Health Education and Health Promotion; News and Events Who We Are The mission of the Section is: To be a strong advocate for health education and health promotion for individuals, groups and communities, and systems and support efforts to achieve health equity in all activities of the Association. Health education and health educators will be expected to contribute to the reduction of the negative impact of such major health problems as heart disease, cancer, dental disease, mental illness and other neurological disturbances, obesity, accidents, and the adjustments necessary to a productive old age. About this journal. Public Health Education and Promotion focuses on building the evidence about how to teach as well as what to teach to effectively reach different audiences with messages pertinent to public health. Community health workers need at least a high school diploma, although some jobs may require some postsecondary education. Through public health and education programs, you learn how to conduct disease prevention and health education activities in populations, such as towns, states, villages, communities, and neighborhoods.

Graduate programs are commonly in community health education, school health education, public health education, or health promotion. This site provides credible resources to help you design and develop quality training to improve public health and connect with others who are doing similar work.
Public Health Educator Career . Public health students who wish to pursue a health teacher role will need to get a degree in education, so that you can become a certified teacher in your state. Public Health Education and Health Promotion. Read about health issues of relevance to public health education. Public health as a field, and therefore, public health education, should acknowledge and train professionals to address this large segment of the population. Public health is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Federal guidance on school closures during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic demonstrated how important school closure is as a public health tool to interrupt the spread of contagious diseases. An educational perspective is adopted with a focus on activities, interventions and programmes that work well in the contexts in which they are applied. 6. Future research and development could enable health, education, and other relevant organizations—including university faculty in colleges of education, public health, medicine, nursing, and other relevant colleges—to establish cross-disciplinary and team science collaborations that can improve health, education, and economic outcomes. The field is quite diverse in Europe on what concerns approaches and levels of integration with public health programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the job outlook for positions in public health and health education will continue to grow at a faster than average rate across the United States through 2020. Public health is one of the most exciting and fastest growing career fields in the nation. Apply to Health Educator, Educator, Contact Tracer and more! Public health training is currently increasing coverage of disability with courses specifically addressing epidemiology of disability, health-care access and disparities, ethics, emergency responses, and maternal and child health.