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philip ii accomplishments

In 1567, Phillip II sent the army to put an end to the Protestant uprising in the Netherlands. Home.

He defeated the Turks in war. Philip II reigned over Macedonia from 359 to 336 B.C.

Philip II of Spain's Accomplishments and Failures. She died four days after giving birth to their son, Carlos, Prince of Asturias (born 1545), from a haemorrhage suffered during the delivery. Philip II married four times in the course of his life. What were the accomplishments of Philip II of Macedonia?

Credit Page. Assassination of Philip II of Macedon causing his son Alexander to become king.

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Aboslute Monarchy and Divine Right. He made the Crown more powerful than any feudal lord, more than tripled the royal domain, and turned the balance of power between France and England in favor of France.. Born in Paris on Aug. 21, 1165, Philip became the seventh Capetian king of France in 1180, when his father, Louis VII, died. Being born into a family that had roots all over europe, his fortune of aquiring land without conquering them was an important aspect of his kingship. From time to... King of Spain. He became the head of an empire that was expanded by his son and successor, Alexander the Great. He was the most powerful monarch, he also helped the Catholic Church persecute Protestants during the Counter-Reformation. Philip II protected Catholicism by eliminating Protestants in Spain. Method of … Questions. He also created the Iberian Union. He conquered colonies that now is the Southern U.S. During his reign the Philippine Islands were named after him. He married his first wife, who was also his first cousin, Maria Manuela, the princess of Portugal, on November 12, 1543.

Some say Pausanias was bribed by Darius III, the Persian king. The first thing Phillip II of Macedon was known for was being able to build a powerful military that enabled him to take firm control of Macedon. All of these plans below failed: Preserving peace with his neighbors in Western Europe.

Philip II, byname Philip Augustus, French Philippe Auguste, (born August 21, 1165, Paris, France—died July 14, 1223, Mantes), the first of the great Capetian kings of medieval France (reigned 1180–1223), who gradually reconquered the French territories held by the kings of England and also furthered the royal domains northward into Flanders and southward into Languedoc. Accomplishments. Philip II. Philip II Early life and marriages. In 336 BC, at his daughter’s wedding feast, Philip was assassinated by Pausanias, a member of his own bodyguard. Philip II was King of Spain from 1556-1598. With Paris as his capital, he had the main thoroughfares paved, [33] built a central market, Les Halles , [34] continued the construction begun in 1163 of Notre-Dame de Paris , constructed the Louvre as a fortress, and gave a charter to the University of Paris in 1200. Philip II Augustus played a significant role in one of the greatest centuries of innovation in construction and education in France. Philip II was a hard-working ruler who was ushered in the Golden Age of Spain, being the most powerful nation. He was a major figure in the … In 1581 by inheriting the throne of Portugal, King Phillip joined both countries by owning both thrones.

Because Spain had a powerful army at the time, they were able to take control of the Mediterranean and controlled all of the trade through Europe. JackAndMacKingPhilip. Philip II of Spain's Accomplishments and Failures. Philip II (1165-1223), sometimes called Philip Augustus, ruled France from 1180 to 1223.