After the Battle of Endor, San Tekka helped Luke Skywalker recover secret Jedi lore that the Empire had tried to erase. Characters: Lor San Tekka, Athgar Heece. Poznaj Lor San Tekka™ A mysterious traveler who remained faithful to the ideals of the Jedi throughout the long reign of the Empire, Lor San Tekka is an old ally to Princess Leia Organa and one of the only people in the galaxy with information about the location of the long-missing Luke Skywalker. Force. On the desert planet Jakku, Resistance pilot Poe Dameron receives a map to Luke's location from Lor San Tekka. 1. 1. Power Action - Choose 3 cards from your discard pile.

Lor San Tekka: Oh, the General? Then an opponent adds one of those cards to your hand. And now you're going to give it to the First Order. 0. Lor San Tekka's Return.

Lor San Tekka is a Star Wars minifigure released in 2016. This page provides information on location and how to obtain ten minikits and a red LEGO brick w in this side mission - "Lor San Tekka's return".

Max von Sydow was born Carl Adolf von Sydow on April 10, 1929 in Lund, Skåne, Sweden, to a middle-class family. Walkthrough - Kelvin Ravine. Lor san tekka talked a lot about the force from get go so yeah.. what you are saying is that he could be her grand father from the MOTHER side right?

Lor San Tekka - True Believer. 1. Then an opponent adds one of those cards to your hand.

Hero. Poe Dameron: Well, because of you, now we have a chance. Lor San Tekka is therefore at LEAST 56 years of age – obviously – and probably several tens of years older. His surname traces back to his partial German ancestry. Max von Sydow, Actor: Flash Gordon. Rare. Power Action - Choose 3 cards from your discard pile. There are 16331 items in the Brickset database. Set the other 2 cards aside. Lor San Tekka war ein legendärer Entdecker, der mit der Neuen Republik und dem Widerstand verbündet war. He was included in the set 75149 Resistance X-Wing Fighter. But my theory is that Kylo and Rey are brother and sister.. too many things point to that direction and the luke thing is the blood connection / skywalker lineage they both share. True Jedi at 45,000. 1. 1. Nach der Schlacht von Endor half er Luke Skywalker, altes Jedi-Wissen wiederzufinden, das das Imperium hatte auslöschen wollen.
Tekka gave the map fragment to Resistance pilot Poe Dameron but was soon captured … A legendary traveler and explorer, Lor San Tekka was a longtime ally of the New Republic and the Resistance. I've traveled too far and seen too much to ignore the despair in the galaxy. Points: 9/11. 2. Hero. Try to find these collectibles in the free game mode. 0. Lor San Tekka was a Human male and an explorer who was born during the days of the Galactic Republic.Following the Battle of Endor he was a member of the Church of the Force, believing in the Jedi and the force.He aided Luke Skywalker in his search for Jedi artifacts.
Found: Jakku. He was the son of Baroness Maria Margareta (Rappe), a teacher, and Carl Wilhelm von Sydow, an ethnologist and folklore professor.

Rare. 1. You'll need another way to enter than via the front door. Stormtroopers commanded by Kylo Ren raid the village and capture Poe, while Kylo kills San Tekka. Set the other 2 cards aside. ; 8776 members have logged in in the last 24 hours, 20574 in the last 7 days, 32880 in the last month. Kylo Ren : The map to Skywalker. Character - Scavenger. Health: 10. they both have a part of Darkness and light in them .

Lor San Tekka's Return is one of the longer side missions available in the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.Completing it is recommended, as it will unlock Athgar Heece in the free roam mode. Lor San Tekka believed in the return of the Jedi and gave Poe Dameron a map to Luke Skywalker - which Tekka paid for with his life. Without the Jedi, there can be no balance in the Force.

Poe's droid, BB-8, escapes with the map and encounters a scavenger named Rey. We know you found it. Health: 10.

Walk far to the right of your starting point to find the Teedo settlement. The General's been after this for a long time. There are now 217913 members. that could work. Needed: 20 Gold Bricks. Lor San Tekka was a human male explorer and member of the Church of the Force, even though he wasn't Force-sensitive. Site Statistics. 2. Lor San Tekka - True Believer. Lor San Tekka : I know where you come from, before you called yourself "Kylo Ren".