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la guajira geography
Much of the peninsula lies in northeastern Colombia; Geography.

Guajira-Halbinsel. Die oft hohen Wellen des pazifischen Ozeans werden so etwas abgeschwächt und plätschern vergnügt an die Küste der Stadt. La Guajira map 2003 Source: IGAC - Agustin Codazzi Geographic Institute La Guajira - Maps List. La Guajira is a world of adventure with its crashing waves, arid deserts and hundreds upon hundreds of bird species, from humble pelicans and elegant flamingoes to the ferocious eagles circling its coastline. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Die gesamte Küstenregion, an der Los Angeles liegt, ist im Durchschnitt etwas mehr als 30 Meter über dem Meeresspiegel gelegen.. This homepage is about the La Guajira peninsula which is the home of the Wayuu indigenous. Guide for bridge, civil and structural engineering projects in the department of La Guajira (Colombia) as well as for companies and persons active there within the construction sector. It is bordered, apart from its coastline on the Caribbean Sea, by the departments of Magdalena and Cesar and by the Republic of Venezuela. La Guajira is Colombia's most northern province, home mainly to the Wayuu people. Welcome to La Guajira Peninsula English pirates, Dutch smugglers and Spanish pearl hunters have all tried to conquer the Guajira Peninsula – a vast swath of barren sea and sand that is Colombia's northernmost point – but none were able to overcome the indigenous Wayuu people, who wisely traded with, or waged war upon, the invaders. La Guajira Peninsula, peninsula on the northwestern coast of South America. Geographie (Kolumbien) Guajira-Halbinsel . La Guajira lä gwähē´rä , peninsula, c.100 mi (160 km) long, N Colombia, extending into the Caribbean Sea. The municipality of Villanueva is located in the southern region of the Department of La Guajira within the valley of the Cesar River, between the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains and the Serranía del Perijá which Villanueva borders. On the sparsely populated peninsula are outliers of the Cordillera Oriental, surrounded by hot, arid plains. La Guajira is located in the northeast end of Colombia, with an area of 20,848 square kilometers. See La Guajira photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of La Guajira in Colombia. This place is situated in La Uribe, Meta, Colombia, its geographical coordinates are 3° 34' 36" North, 74° 22' 47" West and its original name (with diacritics) is La Guajira. Der Großteil der Halbinsel ist Teil des Kolumbianischen Departement La Guajira, während der Venezolanische Streifen im Bundesstaat Zulia, sehr schmal. En este documento se describen los activos con que cuenta el departamento de La Guajira en cuanto a sus recursos naturales y talento humano, así como su infraestructura y sus instituciones. LA GUAJIRA DEPARTMENT, Colombia, maps, List of municipalities (municipios), Street View, Geographic.org De igual forma, se analizan sus indicadores económicos y sociales y se identifican sus brechas internas y con respecto del resto del país. It is bounded by the Caribbean Sea to the north and west, the Gulf of Venezuela to the southeast, and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Sierra de Perijá to the south. The municipality is crossed by the Villanueva River which flows into the Cesar River. Geography. Media in category "Geography of La Guajira" The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total. Salt and pearls are found along the shoreline. It occupies most of the Guajira Peninsula in the northeast region of the country, on the Caribbean Sea and bordering Venezuela, at the northernmost tip … Die Halbinsel Punta Gallinas, der nördlichste Punkt Festland in Südamerika. Southern Guajira has more wetlands and rivers. The Southern Guajira covers the region of the Montes de Oca mountain range and the Serranía del Perijá mountain range on the border with Venezuela, and a valley formed with the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Punta Gallinas, at the tip, is the northernmost point of South America. La Guajira became an official department of Colombia on July 1, 1965. The municipality of Manaure is located in northernmost part of South America, on the arid plains of the Guajira Peninsula, in the Colombian Caribbean region, bordering to the north with the Caribbean Sea to the east with the municipality of Uribia; to the south with the municipality of Maicao and to the west with the municipality of Riohacha. Die Bucht von Santa Monica grenzt im Süden und Westen an die Stadt. The municipality of Urumita is located on the Serranía del Perijá mountain range with part of its territory covering the valley of the Cesar River towards the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range. La Guajira is a department of Colombia. Whether wildlife, extreme sports, culture, food or history are your thing, here are five reasons why you should visit La Guajira: Culture Guajira Peninsula 1992: La Guajira Department 2003 Los Angeles: Geologie und Geographie . The extreme north of La Guajira is the Macuira National Park (Parque Nacional Natural de Macuira).