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how to build submarine azur lane

It is time to conquer the seas by using what you have learned. General. Since most of them are not yet discovered, it is not possible to prepare a table comparing their strength. That’s everything you need to know to get a great start in Azur Lane. Azur Lane is a new game and already contains more than 250 ships. Now you know how to level faster in Azure Lane: By following our recommendations, it is possible to reach the end-game phase only in 10 hours or so. May the gods of Waifu be with you! 111 comments. 99% Upvoted. List of Submarine Torpedoes. In the future, such a list will be prepared, but for the time being, the information in this guide … save hide report. Ship building is a key feature of Azur Lane. This menu contains four sections: Build, Orders, Exchange, and Retire. Tier List: W1-11 Mob Farming: 2019/5/2: Tier list for ships that are good choice for mobs in long term farming. Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Des... Azur Lane Equipment Tiering System Explained; Azur Lane Japanese Pronunciation Guide for Ships w... Azur Lane Weeaboo Pronunciation Guide for Ships wi... WHAT EQUIPMENTS SHOULD I USE IF I HAVE NOTHING BUT... Azur Lane Ammo Type Modifiers (Table)

The higher the anti-submarine warfare stat, the more damage a ship deals with attacks against submarines. It is one of the primary ways of acquiring new ships and there are several ships that are exclusive to the Build menu. Azur Lane EN Ship Tier Guide ... Could win you battles both in PvE and PvP, but don’t build on it. Best Ships Tier List – Azur Lane Ships in Azur Lane can be categorized into three main categories based on their position in battle: Backline, also known as the main fleet, Vanguard, and Submarine.

... have the option to either reactivate the quest again and continue grinding for exp or you can chose another papership to build. – IJN Souryuu (Tier 1.5 if deployed with Hiryuu) – Skill: On launching an airstrike, increases escort fleet Damage by 15% for 8s; When paired, increases Air Power by 35% You can make your work much easier by reading the other guides we have prepared about Azur Lane. Azur Lane HMS Fleet Guide by Suzuteo I wrote this guide because I noticed that a lot of the information available to EN players was lacking in detail or rigor, outdated, or mere copy-pastes of older guides containing similar problems. To Azur Lane with Blessings Rerun (09 April - 06 May 2020) Login Rewards Login in 4 different days during this event to earn all the rewards Detailed information can be found on the To Azur Lane … I bought an Azur Lane Artbook on a local convention and I just found out there's a AR feature for Prinz Eugen! Learn more in our guide on how to build the best fleet in Azur Lane. PR Ship Development Quest Guide. share.