He’s also put together workout routine which allows him to fight in the UFC, and exchange blows with some of the best fighters on earth. He trains 4 days a week in the gym – his workout routine is below: Day 1: Chest/Triceps.
02:24. See Also: Lionel Messi Wife, Son, Family, Weight, Height, Age, Net Worth, Bio. A lot of wrestlers who work day in and day out at all the events have often complained against such a perk given exclusively to Brock Lesnar.

Height and Weight Considering the fact that he is one of the best wrestlers in WWE, it is not surprising that Brock Lesnar buries himself in exercise and as a result, is among the healthiest fighters in WWE and Raw. Following many years of wrestling at college, and in the WWE, Brock has built an excellent physique. Lesnar deployed his signature ground-and-pound to defeat Mark Hunt by unanimous decision. Weight Lifting Routine.

Brock Lesnar won in his return to the Octagon at UFC 200. … • Brock Lesnar works as a part-time wrestler for WWE, as he is a family man, he does not like the brutal travel schedule of WWE; this is why he never participates in any of the WWE house shows.