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africa before maafa

1951 CE. MAAFA- LANDS OF OUR FATHERS. Elmina Castle, erected in 1482, as Sao Jorge de Mina to later become the Portuguese slave holding pens– a haunting place of misery—bulging on the coast of Ghana, West Africa from whence commenced the most diabolical, torturous, and … 1952 CE. Americans moving to Africa shouldn’t be afraid to leave the corporate mindset behind. Maafa is a Kiswahili term for “disaster” or “terrible occurrence.” It is used to describe more than five hundred years of exploitation of Africa through slavery, colonialism, and imperialism. The National Party in South Africa rises to power, paving the way for the Apartheid regime and its legislations to be implemented in South Africa. But also don’t move to Africa just to be rich and exploitative. Maafa is a Kiswahili term for disaster, calamity or terrible occurrence. Just know that entrepreneurship is a way of life here—you’ve got to grab it by the horns and not look back. people of African Descent are invited in an attempt to honor our ancestors who have suffered through the middle passage AND the lives that continue to be compromised due to racism and oppression. Egypt gains its independence through a revolution by the Free Officers Movement. A colony is a settlement in one land supported by another land, and imperialism is …

Libya becomes the first of the colonised states in Africa to gain its independence. This term has been used to describe the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade/Middle Passage. So decades before the Year of Return, groups of African-Americans began to hold ritualized Maafa commemorations in different parts of the country, to honor our ancestors and to heal ourselves.