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George White's Scandals

Reporter Miss Lee (Gertrude Michael) is looking for a story and approaches White as he's assembling the latest edition of his famous revue. Cast included Winnie Lightner, Tom Patricola, Lester Allen, Richard Bold, Beulah Berson, and the Tip Top Four. The romance between the wealthy British Jill Martin and Tom McGrath, the assistant to … is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 3 times. “George White’s Scandals” are also a bit of a reunion for Jack Haley and Margaret Hamilton. George White's Scandals was a Broadway sensation, a series of revues bursting with comedy, music and long-stemmed American beauties. Returning to New York after his first trip to London, where he had completed THE RAINBOW, Gershwin composed his fourth score for the SCANDALS. Cast included Winnie Lightner, Jack McGowan, George White, W. C. Fields, Lester Allen, and Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra. This was the only other film the two “Wizard of Oz” stars co-starred in. Verenigde Staten Komedie / Muziek 95 minuten geregisseerd door Felix E. Feist met Joan Davis, Jack Haley en Phillip Terry Deze Broadway revue gaat over twee liefdesrelaties. We volgen de voorbereidingen van een grote Broadway- produktie, de relaties tussen de medewerkers, ruzie, afgunst en liefde.

George White's Scandals [1928] (Original, Musical, Revue, Broadway) opened in New York City Jul 2, 1928 and played through Jan 19, 1929. George Whites Scandals the movie celebrates that tradition with knockabout comic Joan Davis and song-and-joke man Jack Haley playing Scandals stars and lovebirds separated by Haleys sourpuss sis (Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch to Haleys Tin Man in The … Alice Faye is on record as stating that costs were being cut at Fox and it shows. Haley is a weak leading man, but a good co-star for Joan Davis.
George White's Scandals is a 1934 American pre-Code musical film directed by George White and written by Jack Yellen.The film stars Rudy Vallée, Jimmy Durante, Alice Faye, Adrienne Ames, Gregory Ratoff, Cliff Edwards and Dixie Dunbar. Produced and staged by George White.

Directed by Thornton Freeland, Harry Lachman, George White. George White, a featured dancer in the ZIEGFELD FOLLIES of 1911 and 1915, broke off to create his own revues in 1919 and hired George Gershwin based on his break-through hit, “Swanee.” For his first SCANDALS score, Gershwin was re-teamed with lyricist Arthur Jackson, the pair already having worked together on Gershwin’s first full Broadway score, LA-LA-LUCILLE!

This Broadway revue is about two love affairs.
"George White's Scandals," e.g. Directed by Felix E. Feist. Alleen de vele zang- en dansnummers springen eruit. "George White's 1935 Scandals" is a dull musical review which showcased Alice Faye's singing, one number by Eleanor Powell and not much else.