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ted audacious project winners

Our first collection of Audacious Project winners takes the stage after a stellar session at TED2018, in which each winner made a big, big wish to move their organization’s vision to the next level with help from a new consortium of nonprofits. Key to the mission is being able to pivot rapidly to support where the need is greatest in the moment. Housed at TED and supported by The Bridgespan Group, this is a unique partnership between some of the most respected organizations in philanthropy and the public.

TED and its partners announced the first-ever recipients of The Audacious Project, a new model of philanthropic collaboration that replaces the TED Prize. Launched in 2018, The Audacious Project has already proved what humanity can accomplish when bold ideas meet real resources. In 2018, the TED Prize became: The Audacious Project, a new model to launch big, inspiring ideas with the potential to affect millions of lives.Housed at TED, the Audacious Project brings together a powerful coalition of nonprofit organizations and individual donors with members of the public, allowing them to pool resources and work together in service of change-making ideas. TED Launches The Audacious Project, Awarding $250M to New Crop of Social Entrepreneurs.

Learn more at AudaciousProject.org A ten-year TED employee, she has been the TED Prize Director for the last five years and has built a team whose purpose is to track down the world’s most inspiring change-makers. Every year we select and nurture a group of big, bold solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges, and with the support of an inspiring group of donors and supporters come together to get them launched. The Audacious Project will be housed at TED under the leadership of Executive Director Anna Verghese.

Photo: Ryan Lash / TED The Audacious model was created to be a catalyst for social impact at a grand scale.

Housed at TED, The Audacious Project is a collaborative funding initiative that is unlocking social impact on a grand scale.

The Audacious Project is a new initiative at TED that invites social entrepreneurs to share their boldest ideas — and brings them to both donors and to the public, inspiring people across the world to come together to act. In line with that purpose, Audacious is directing funds towards several COVID-19 …