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patchy the pirate playground

Pirates Cove Playground has a huge pirate ship for buccaneer & swashbuckler adventures. Patchy the Pirate is a member of The Barney Bunch. Pirates Play Indoor Playground LLC. He has a butt buddy known as Potty the Parrot that is a smartass and is smarter than Patchy.

252-364-2675 … The ship is heading out to sea escorted by a spring mounted dolphin and a seahorse to ride on. Patchy is also a chef that makes Poopy Dough. Patchy was created as a multimedia host who would mostly appear in commercials and … 109 West Fire Tower Road, Winterville, North Carolina 28590, United States. Behind the ship are rocks and cargo nets to climb and a water adventure island. Ahoy matey, we have a great playground! One of the playgrounds pictured is actually within the fenced area of the parks and rec, but the playground that is accessible to all from the parking lot is nice. He likes to rape all the males from SpongeBob. He's a gay pirate that has an obsession with SpongeBob SquarePants. Potty likes to make Patchy mad so that Patchy will rape him.