EVAN GORA Sturdy as they are, giant trees are particularly susceptible … Nearly six times the size of New York’s Central Park, the island is at the heart of a wildlife sanctuary that straddles surrounding peninsulas jutting into the famous waterway. You will discover the splendor of the tropical rainforest in Barro Colorado, the largest forested island in the Panama Canal waterway. Barro Colorado Island (BCI) has been the focus of intensive research on lowland tropical moist forest since 1923, and its flora is better known than any site of comparable size throughout the world. Now, in A Magic Web, photographer Christian Ziegler and ecologist Egbert Leigh invite readers to enter the marvelous world of Barro Colorado Island. The Smithsonian Institute charged for the boat trip from Gamboa dock to the Barro Colorado Island (about half an hour each way), a jungle trip with an experienced guide of less than 2 hours (relatively easy tracks and during a very limited time reducing the chances to see any … The 15-square-kilometer island is home to one of the oldest tropical research stations in the world, where studies have been carried out for more than 100 years. The small research island of Barro Colorado is located in lake Gatun in the middle of the Panama Canal. Data Set; Plot Tables. Data. A tall tree in the tropical forest on Barro Colorado Island in the Panama Canal died after a 2018 lightning strike. Barro Colorado Island. Colorado A mecca for tropical biologists, Barro Colorado Island and five surrounding peninsulas provide easy access to central Panama’s of lowland tropical forest. The 50-hectare plot at Barro Colorado Island, Panama, is a 1000 meter by 500 meter rectangle of forest inside of which all woody trees and shrubs with stems at least 1 … In reality, the 1,620-hectare (4,000-acre) Barro Colorado Island is a hilltop. Barro Colorado Island (Panama) Please provide your name, email, and your suggestion so that we can begin assessing any terminology changes. Other articles where Barro Colorado is discussed: Albert Spear Hitchcock: …1946), for the designation of Barro Colorado Island in Panama as a permanent biological preserve.
The island is covered in mature forest and is host to many species of birds and medium sized predatory mammals.

Sapling Tree Abundance in BCI (1982-2015) Sapling Tree Basal Area in BCI (1981-2015) Tree Abundance in BCI (1981-2015) Tree Basal Area in BCI (1981-2015) The island was formed when the waters of the Chagres River were dammed to form the lake in 1913. Barro Colorado Island (BCI), Panama, is an island in Lake Gatun. Or, at least it was until the creation of Gatún Lake turned it into the largest island in the Canal Zone, one where the Smithsonian Institute operates a research center and gives morning tours.
BCI is also home to one of the oldest experimental ecosystems. A hot bed for biodiversity, close to half of Panama’s 220 mammal species live and reproduce on Barro Colorado Island, a six-square-mile research island in … Barro Colorado Island was formed by the creation of Lake Gatun in 1913 during the construction of the Panama Canal. Fields denoted with an asterisk (*) are required . Overall, above-ground NPP for Barro Colorado Island was estimated at 1,800 g/m 2 /year. The 1,560 hectare island was formed when engineers dammed the Chagres River in 1914 to create Gatun Lake, … You will learn about research in progress and the …