Spring heel button shoes. Identified by Homer. Brown calico sack. Male. The Johnstown Flood of 1889 Challenging the Findings of the ASCE Investigation Report. Button gaiters. engraved thereon. Buttoned shoes. Flannel shirt ribbed in front, brass buttons in it. Age fifty-five. Popular feeling ran high, as is reflected in Isaac G. Reed's poem: Many thousand human lives- Buttoned shoes with spring heels. [3] Adding the width of the emergency spillway to that of the main spillway yielded the total width of spillway capacity that had been specified in the 1847 design of William Morris, a state engineer. About fifteen years old. Black hair. Female. One pin K. of P. Finger rings. Afterwards identified as Mrs. Samuel Lenhart. Gauze undershirt. Full form. Female Age forty-five. Height 4 feet 2 inches. Mustache and beard. Height 3 feet. Red and white striped jacket. White underwear Gold ring, cameo setting with full figure of a woman. Body shipped by B.&O. Incredibly, bodies continued to be found for months and even years after the flood, some as far away as Cincinnati. Female. The dam ruptured after several days of extremely heavy rainfall, releasing 14.55 million cubic meters of water. Black stockings and button shoes. Found with Mrs Nitche. Weight 155 Height 5 feet 6 inches Black hair Woolen under skirt, red, brown and white barred cotton underskirt, striped white and red Black cashmere dress, with black glass buttons oval shape. Set band ring on third finger of left hand. Nothing but the bones. Photo, Print, Drawing The Johnstown Calamity [Johnstown, Pa. Medium weight. Breast plate with name of Mrs. W. H. Wilson, Monongahela City. Eighteen months old. Age about thirteen. 150 pounds. Dark blue cotton shirt with white bar. Money and pass book in express office. Height 5 feet 9 inches Black hair. Plain gold band ring on third finger of left hand. $1.10 in silver. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Bunch of keys. Female Age about nine years. Height 5 feet 5 inches. Blue calico dress. Blue eyes. Height 6 feet. Black hair. Age seven. Green corded petticoat. Large plain band ring on third finger of right hand. R. O., 1886. Body delivered to her husband and taken to Morrellville, Pa. Light hair. Female. Claimed by his son Henry, and buried in Sandy Vale. Barred dress. Height 5 feet 11 inches. Gum overshoes and shoes. 48, No. One band ring. Blue and white barred calico dress. Checkered knee pants. White underclothing. One gold ring, cameo setting. Upper false teeth. Button-hook. Pair cuff-buttons. Maroon colored dress. Age about forty. Black stockings. Son of Phillip Rapp, of Hornerstown. Thirty pennies. Age about ten. Red woolen hose with black feet. Pearl street, Johnstown. Female. Auburn hair. Canton flannel drawers. Over the course of a four-day investigation, the Johnstown Police . Babe. Sandy hair. Black calico dress with white spots. Female. Red and black barred flannel skirt. Cotton undershirt. Age thirty. Blue calico dress with pearl buttons. Female. Twelve years. Open (silver) thimble. Sex unknown. White undershirt. Weight 130. Weight about 110 pounds. When the flooding began, the area's telegraph lines were down, preventing anyone. Red flannel skirt. [20] William Shinn, a former partner of industrialist Andrew Carnegie, became the new president of ASCE in January 1890. With George O'Brien, Florence Gilbert, Janet Gaynor, Anders Randolf. White shirt Blue vest. They were accused of failing to maintain the dam properly, so that it was unable to contain the additional water of the unusually heavy rainfall. How many victims were never identified in the Johnstown flood? Red flannel skirt. Female. One bar pin. Weight 75. Female. Age six. Age forty five. Male child. [27], The authorities averting looting on Main Street, as drawn in Harper's Weekly, June 15, 1889. Weight about 135. Body nude. Band ring on third finger of left hand. Three white stripes black hose. Age sixty-five. Age fourteen. Height five feet four inches. Bunch of keys. Old scar on left side of face. Gas key. Johnstown Police detectives were . Badly burned. Age thirty. Red socks. Removed Ring given to her sister, Mrs. Wm. The work to find survivors and rebuild began almost immediately after the waters subsided. So did the grim work of recovering the bodies of the dead. Light brown hair. Dark blue eyes. Height 5 feet. Blue woolen coat. Hazel eyes Two plain gold rings on right forefinger. Little jug charm in pocket. Last summer, Beale's yellowing journals were found in an old Philadelphia carriage-house, shedding new light on a catastrophe that killed 2,209. This is the last of the six Indiana Co., Pa., bodies Nos 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158. Age twenty-one to twenty-five. Buried on lot of A.J. Age about ten. Afterwards identified as James Dillon, of Somerset. Male. $1.13 loose. Vol. Blue eyes. Medium hair. They were buried in the "Plot of the Unknown" in Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown, where a memorial statue stands to this day. A pitiful sight was that of an old, gray-haired man named Norn. Claimed. Gray woolen shirt. Small finger on third finger of left hand. Straw bonnet Black gloves One false tooth. $1.00 bill. Dark hair. Female. Two rings on left hand. Buried in lot of A. Tom O'Day is loved by two women, Anna Burger and Gloria Hamilton. Female. Henry Clay Frick led a group of Pittsburgh speculators, including Benjamin Ruff, to purchase the abandoned reservoir, modify it, and convert it into a private resort lake for their wealthy associates. Low cut shoes. Age about forty-five. Medium build. Age thirty. [2], According to records compiled by the Johnstown Area Heritage Association, bodies were found as far away as Cincinnati, Ohio, and as late as 1911; 99 entire families died in the flood, including 396 children; 124 women and 198 men were widowed; 98 children were orphaned; and one third of the dead, 777 people, were never identified; their remains were buried in the "Plot of the Unknown" at Johnstown's Grandview Cemetery.[18][1]. Supposed to be Miss Gordon of Hager Building. This claim has since been challenged. Barred flannel waist with round pearl buttons. Female. Button shoes. Dark eyes. Black dress buttoned in back. Calico dress. Ear-drop in left ear round gold ball. Rather spare face. Black pants. Two bunches of keys. Brown eyes. Throwing his locomotive into reverse, he raced backward toward East Conemaugh, the whistle blowing constantly. Dark dress. Height about 4 feet 6 inches. Black ribbed hose. Black and bronze barred wool basque. McCullough, David (1968). Female. Dark shirt Dark pants. Spectacles with case. Very much decomposed. Height 3 feet 4 inches. Received valuables of 267. Ear-drops, square one-half of the face of the ear-drop checkered, the other half engraved with a vine. Height 5 feet 10 inches. Breast-pin. Sponsored. White. Pearl buttons. Weight 110. Blue plaid dress. Blue calico waist. No coat nor vest. Male. Black alpaca dress. Six years. Male. Black jersey. Male. Low shoes. Female. Woodvale. Wife of J.H. Brown eyes. Age about thirty-five. Age about twelve. As the Johnstown Area Historical Association notes, the dead were found hundreds of miles away and continued to be found for decades after the flood. Russell all above-named articles. Age twenty-two. Woodvale. Black and gray striped skirt. Eleven years. Brown waist. Black stockings. Blue and white barred handkerchief. Eye-glasses. 424 Bedford street. Male. Ring with setting on right hand. [1] Barton arrived on June 5, 1889, to lead the group's first major disaster relief effort; she did not leave for more than five months. Black dress skirt. Age sixty-nine. Pocket-knife, black handle. Supposed to be Mrs. John C. Clark. Age sixteen. Dark knee pants. Age about thirteen. White cotton underwear with pearl buttons. Male. Found in drift above Company's store. Plain string and bag around her neck. Hager Block Plain band ring. Breast-pin. Black hair. Blue and white striped waist Pearl button coat, gray, black and red mixed, wool. Female. Johnstown was the eastern terminus of the Western Division Canal, supplied with water by Lake Conemaugh, the reservoir behind the dam. John Burkhard, guardian of the above. Blue coat. Blue dress. Black stocking with red tip. Two dollar bill and one dollar in silver. Donations for the relief effort came from all over the U.S. and overseas. Age forty. Black overcoat. Wore a scapular. Dark hair. Black stockings. Conemaugh Borough, Pa. baggage check, No. Striped dress. Weight 130. Seven counties were declared a disaster area, suffering $200million in property damage, and 78 people died. Gum coat. Go. Auburn hair. One cuff-button and large key. Weight 80. One stud Taken by friends. Can't take it off. Lead pencil and pocket-knife. Among the . Gold band ring. Female. Piece white tape around body. White and black striped stockings Plain gold ring with coral setting. Of Woodvale's 1,100 residents, 314 died in the flood. Height 5 feet 9 inches. Buttoned shoes. Coat with belt. Female. Identified and removed by her mother. Female. Ticket of admission to Johnstown Opera House Prospect, June 11th. Bunch of keys. Weight 50 or 60. Purse with $1.96. Age thirty. Female. Full face. One paper needles. Blue and brown striped shirt pleated in front, pearl buttons. McAuliff Little girl baby in her arms when found. Knit shirt. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Weight 150. Match safe. Gingham waist. The Pittsburgh speculators built cottages and a clubhouse to create the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, an exclusive and private mountain retreat. (Mr. Female. Watch chain. Red cloth dress. Female. Eighty. Two plain rings on third finger of left hand. Black hair. Left incisor tooth broken. Weight 120. Supposed to be Walter Jones. B. Male. 135 pounds. Buried in lot of C Rabb, Sandy Vale. (1911). 5 feet 6 inches height. Small plain gold ring on left hand. Female. Age about ten years. Two pairs of gold glasses. Wore black belt with double clasp. Pearl buttons on clothes. About fifteen years. Black cloth laced shoes. Pen and pencil $13 in bills 87 cts. Wart on left hand front finger. Knee breeches black barred, coat of same. Age sixty or sixty-five. Body shipped to Indiana, Pa., via. No vest. Black woolen stockings. Plain gold ring with S. T. How on. Black knee pants supported by suspenders. Red flannel skirt. Empty purse Buried at Prospect, June 9th. "Johnstown Flood." Nps.gov National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior. A female. 119 Market street. The demolition expert "Dynamite Bill" Flinn and his 900-man crew cleared the wreckage at the Stone Bridge. Face mangled. Red calico dress. Cambria City Found in residence of George Hamilton. Purse with $1.19. Found in water at Ten Acre. Gaiter shoes. 160 pounds. Age twenty-five to thirty. Flannel skirt and red woolen stockings. Visit the Johnstown Flood Museum, which is operated by the Johnstown Area Heritage Association, to find out more about this shocking episode in American history. Slender. Dark striped velvet basque or overskirt, with ruffled fringe trimmings. Male. Button shoes. Supposed to be William Henry. Burned beyond recognition. White. Supposed to be Ernest Mayhew. Male. To find out more information about this flood, view pictures and video, visit the. Dark hair. Black hair. Height 4 feet 2 inches. Boilers exploded when the flood hit the Gautier Wire Works, causing black smoke seen by Johnstown residents. Female. Front teeth good. Purse $1.15 in money. A house that was almost completely destroyed in the flood. has a watch, book, and over $12 in money which was taken from body of George Geddes. East Conemaugh. Height 5 ft. 7 in. Female. Height 5 feet. Light hair. Cambria City. Handsome fine features. Long gold breast-pin with stone setting. Black hair. Supposed to be Mrs. Christie. Light sandy hair. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Age about fifty. Gray and white jacket trimmed with woolen lace. Dark brown hair. Female. Female. Weight 120. Bunch of keys Sent to Prospect. Hair gray. Wart on left ear. Age nineteen. Cash $8.19. Given to his aunt, Ella Mulhern. Brown hair cut short. Unger ran outside in the still-pouring rain to assess the situation and saw that the water was nearly cresting the dam. Stocking supporters. Blue black ribbed stockings. Calico waist. Door key. At the Conemaugh Viaduct, a 78-foot (24m) high railroad bridge, the flood was momentarily stemmed when debris jammed against the stone bridge's arch. Light brown hair. Large gold button, oval shape, engraved. Cotton shirt, brown and white stripe with small pleats in front. Height 5 feet 4 inches. Age eleven. Age forty or forty-five. Body lifted by Thos. Two rings. Iron gray whiskers and mustache. The Johnstown flood was a horrible disaster and this written account is well done and harrowing. Aged. Boy. Female. Gaiter shoes. Female. Long, dark brown hair, calico dress. Black hair and mustache. Weight about 140. Dark hair. Deformed. No valuables. White and blue stripe dress. Dressmaker. Died from injury in the flood. Large. Age forty. Brilliant ear-drops. Black cashmere dress. Height 5 feet 6 inches Auburn hair. Height 3 feet 2 inches. Gold watch, No. Dark basque body. Square-toed shoes. Bunch of keys. 6. Male. Muslin drawers. Female. Four keys. Age forty-three. Supposed to be the daughter of Patrick Fagan. Weight 60. Taken by her father. Dark hair. 733 Lake Road Buried at Prospect, June 9th. Age thirty-one Weight 140. Female. Blue eyes. Age about ten. Supposed to be Annie Fitzner, but very doubtful. Brown hair. Height 3 feet 6 inches. Slippers tied with black bow. Buried in St. John's Cemetery. Black stockings. Identified by D. M. Given. Blue shirt. Black dress. Male Age twelve. Key ring. Purse with $5.61. Bunch of keys with checks and name. Lead-pencil. Black hair. Female. Blue suit. Hair light brown. Trevor Hughes. Female. Comment. Crooked legs. Female. Black stockings. Female. Two pocket-knives Forty cents in silver. Height 5 feet 6 inches. Red flannel shirt. Gingham apron. Buried at Prospect, June 9th. Letter from her mother addressed Miss Della Davis, 142 Grant street, Johnstown. Red hair and moustache. Large. Wore a "switch." Found near Sang Hollow. Her husband is injured and in the hospital. Gingham apron. Age about five years. Weight 170. Gray mixed undershirt Red flannel shirt. Boy. Possibly a Jew. Like. Ears were pierced. Light stocking. Bunch of keys. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Bunch of keys. Small earrings. Age about fifty-five. Weight 40 Height 3 feet 9 inches. Black hair. Cloak gray mixed wool goods. Dark red hair. Muslin drawers. Height 5 feet 2 inches. The other three investigators, William Worthen, Alphonse Fteley, and Max Becker, did not attend. Pearl buttons. Very heavy. Female. Middle-aged Full head dark brown hair. 464. Female. Red and black striped skirt. station. Supposed to be Maggie Hipp. Railroad street, Johnstown, Pa. Gold ear-drops with pearl setting in centre. Dark woolen stockings. Silver watch and chain. Found in Conemaugh Borough. Brown hair. During the day in Johnstown, the situation worsened as water rose to as high as 10 feet (3.0m)[13] in the streets, trapping some people in their houses. Black and white barred flannel drawers. Cream color ribbon around neck. Brown hair. Five years old. Working seven days and nights, workmen built a wooden trestle bridge to temporarily replace the Conemaugh Viaduct, which had been destroyed by the flood. Small button shoes. Blue coat with four pleats. Breast-pin, square shape. Eye unknown. Very bad condition. One out left side. Black coat and vest. Low forehead. Age twenty-four. Male. Red and white striped calico dress. Black alpaca coat. Female. Blue and white checkered bib. Coat, pants and vest off. Gum boots. Body removed by his brother, Harry W. McKee. Small ball drop earrings. Buttoned shoes. Plaid coat and vest Black cork-screw pants. Blue flannel underskirt. Height five feet. Flannel drawers Jacket with flannel skirt. Weight 130 Height 5 feet 6 inches Blue and white striped dress Red handkerchief Letter found on body signed S F Clarke. Black pants Toy pistol. Male. Age eight. Height 6 feet. Short black pants. Button shoes. Adair has charge of body. Age thirty-five to forty. Brown hair. Relief committees were organized in all the larger American cities. Weight 140. Female. Ear-drops with glass set. Dark hair mixed with gray. Heavy mill shoes. After the flood, there were no structures, no topsoil, no subsoil only the bedrock was left. Guardar para ms tarde. Age about three years. Small piece of steel chain. Black dress and bustle Plain gold ring on third finger of left hand. Plain gold ring with initials, "K. L. R." Plain gold ring and earrings with stone setting. All survived. Age about six months. White. Lake Mead flooded a vast area of the desert when the Hoover Dam was built. Small gold ring, garnet set. Female. When the flood hit, it picked up the still-moving locomotive off the tracks and floated it aside; Hess himself survived, but at least fifty people died, including about twenty-five passengers stranded on trains in the village. Female child. Before hitting the main part of Johnstown, the flood surge hit the Cambria Iron Works in the town of Woodvale, sweeping up railroad cars and barbed wire. Age about nine. Brown hair. Papers, etc. Female. Dark pants. $13.30 in change Open-faced silver watch. Button shoes. Grand View, June 15th. Light complexion Blue waist. Spiral garters. Sandy hair Plain ring on third finger of left hand (with initials inside "C. R. Received the above described ring: Mrs. Allison. Seersucker dress. Height 5 feet. Of Germantown, Philadelphia. "[23], Nonetheless, individual members of the South Fork Club, millionaires in their day, contributed to the recovery in Johnstown. Male Bunch of keys. Baby. Two keys. Two rings on left hand. Female. Age fifteen. Supposed to be child of J.M. High button shoes. Height 5 feet 10 inches. Button shoes. Breakfast shawl. Hazel eyes. Dark complexion. Male. Weight 130. Ear-rings, with five point star set with glass. ISBN 978-0-671-20714-4. page 264. McK No 1698 Pocket-book Pocket-knife No money No on grave is 332, Weight 140 Height 5 feet Heavy jacket with heavy cord Dress with large pearl buttons in front. Age about fifty-five. The Johnstown flood of 1889. Black woolen mitts Black cloth jacket. Age not known. Purse with $200 gold. Beale explained that this is a list of the flood victims as they were brought to the various morgues, embalmed and numbered by the undertakers. White Age two years. 65 and collar-button worked in. Height 5 feet 4 inches. Weight 160. Knife. One thimble. Locomotives weighing 170,000 pounds were wrenched from . Blue eyes. Height about 5 feet 8 inches. Male. Blue calico overskirt. Male. Earring-drop. Age about twenty-two. Calico dress. Knee pants. The flood caused 17 million dollars in damages. Red moustache and beard. Gold ring marked M. S to G. S., September 25, 1887. Weight about 150. Light underwear. Papers, etc. Age thirty-eight. Black merino stockings. Age about fifty. Leather coin purse Ten cents. Tall and large. Female. Witnesses Charles Diamond, E.B.