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who plays pink diamond in steven universe

Emerald is a minor antagonist in the Cartoon Network TV series Steven Universe.

[Door opens and Yellow Pearl is seen standing right there] Yellow Pearl: [doing the Diamond symbol] Pink Diamond, my Diamond has requested your presence in the extraction chamber. White Diamond is the overall main antagonist of Steven Universe.. She is a Homeworld Gem who is the superior and leader to all gems including the other Diamonds and along with Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond and formerly Pink Diamond, formed the Great Diamond Authority..

The opening bar and line, which was originally limited to just Steven and the Crystal Gems has now changed. Reblog. 20.

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Photos of the Steven Universe (Show) voice actors. Pearl: Let's get you into a suit.

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She was voiced by the drag performer Jerick Hoffer, also known as Jinkx Monsoon. Pink changed her name(and whole identity), faked her death which started a war, emotionally broke Blue Diamond, left Pearl wonky in the head(it would explain her OCD attitude) because she had to keep the truth from everyone, and Sapphire and Ruby feeling their relationship was built on a lie. Steven: Yeesh.

The Sims 4 STEVEN UNIVERSE Speed Build ☆ Beach House And Temple . [Diamond chime plays] Pearl: The Diamond chime -- it's Yellow. Black Diamond | Steven Universe.

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She is a Homeworld Gem who first debuted as the main antagonist in the episode "Lars of the Stars".

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3. Pink pearl looked at her diamond.

2019. okt. Pinks laughter in the background. Rose’s room wallpapers and flooring requested by @innuendo-outuendo. Her mural was first introduced in the second season in the episode "It Could've Been Great", and reappeared in "Back to the … Since it was difficult to make realistic cloud flooring, I suggest pairing this wallpaper with the in-game Pink Wood Floor (obtained from Carrie’s, Lottie’s, or Reese’s RV) or the in-game Cloud Flooring (obtained from Timmy and Tommy’s shop). [opens the bag] Steven Universe (Cartoon) Relationship: White Diamond/White Diamond's Pearl (Steven Universe) ... White plays mind games with his pearl to disguise his true feelings for her. 139 images (& sounds) of the Steven Universe cast of characters. White snuck into her mind altering her reality to make it seem like she was chained to a wall.

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