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what are tamworth pigs used for

The Tamworth originated in Ireland where they were called "The Irish Grazer". It was originated in Sir Robert Peel's Drayton Manor Estate at Tamworth, Staffordshire, United Kingdom with input from Irish pigs and it was named after it's origin place.

The pigs are characterised by their long legs and neck, long narrow body, elongated snout and pricked up ears. Not only are the pigs a pleasure to rear with bags of personality, but have so many attributes pertaining to jolly good eating. Awesome! It is also known by some other names such as Sandy Back and Tam. Tamworth pigs are excellent foragers and can graze successfully with cattle, although they can become territorial and aggressive towards other livestock. Here’s why… Sadly, following the Second World War commercial breeds took over as farmers were urged to keep more economical and more productive pigs. We believe that Tamworth pork really is the best. The different meat pig breeds all offer different pros and cons.

Traditionally in intensive systems number of different pure breeding lines have been used at nucleus level by companies to generate hybrid sire and dam lines for use in commercial pig meat production. Tamworth pigs produce a muscular and firm ham. The Tamworth is a good breed for rooting and does well in a woodland based system.

This brings the benefits of heterosis or hybrid vigour, which results in improved performance of the hybrid offspring. About the year 1812 it is said that Sir Robert Peel, being impressed with the characteristics of them, imported some of them and started to breed them on his estate at Tamworth, England. The Tamworth is a good breed for rooting and does well in a woodland based system. The Tamworth is a docile pig but it is more active than many rare breed pigs and requires strong fencing. Tamworth pigs take their name from the town of Tamworth in Staffordshire, England, where they were developed from around the beginning of the nineteenth century. We always strongly encourage you to thoroughly check out each animal breeder you are interested in purchasing from before you make your final decision. Now you need to figure out what meat pig breed or breeds you want to raise. So you’ve decided to get pigs for your farm.

The breed is regarded as being of a rather primitive type, and it has been described as possibly the purest representative of the native English pig. The Tamworth pig is a breed of domestic pig from United Kingdom.

Meat Pig Breeds. Tamworth is located on the western side of the Great Dividing Range, on the banks of the Peel River, about 420 km (260 mi) north of Sydney on the New England Highway, and 280 km (170 mi) inland from Port Macquarie on the Oxley Highway. I’m going to walk you through the 10 most popular meat pig breeds that are raised today.

Tamworth Pigs The distinguished breed of the Tamworth Pig enjoys fame across the world and Tamworth is renowned for producing excellent quantities of pork. They have been bred quite extensively ever since they were imported into that country.