According to many esoteric traditions, as we awaken to our oneness with God, bodily changes occur, most dramatically in the higher phases of enlightenment. 189 likes. Vajra Vairocanī; Vajra Kāmā; Vajra Yogini and Vajra Loka. Graphite was in ancient times thought to be a form of lead, and Chinese alchemy distinguishes between True lead (☰,) and Black lead (☵ .) ‘Vajra body‘ is a term used in Buddhist Tantra and Yoga. The vajra has special significance in Tibetan Buddhism, and the word is adopted as a label for the Vajrayana branch of Buddhism, one of the three major forms of Buddhism.

This term is … In Buddhism as a whole vajra refers to (1) a geographic location - Vajrasana, (2) a body posture - vajra asana, and to a (3) concentrated mental state - vajra samadhi. He then explained to her that the seven shaktis had risen from his body and went into the universe. Vajra (वज्र) or Vajramūṣā refers to an “diamond crucible” and is a type of mūṣā used for smelting metals.—Vajra-mūṣā was a specially made hard-crucible which contained specific proportion of the above ingredients. Educators empowering others to live authentically by using research on body acceptance resiliency and wellness Position of Readiness. Vajra as a Symbol . Vajra in the original Sanskrit translates both as “adamantine” and “thunderbolt”. The weapon is sometimes called Indra-musti which means Indra's fist.. Vajrasana comes from two words i.e. The term vajra is a Sanskrit word that is usually defined as "diamond" or "thunderbolt. The body is rigid as a diamond in this posture. It was a weapon crafted by Tvastar, the maker of divine instruments, using the bones of the sage Dadhichi. Enlightenment or God-realization is the highest aspect of our human potential for growth in body, mind, and spirit. Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. A Buddhist ritual object resembling a small sceptre, it symbolizes the eternal quality of a diamond – an extremely durable substance that cuts but cannot be cut – … Through spiritual practice, the ordinary body may be transformed into the state of a pure and immaterial body, the vajra body, which is also called Dorje-lus, ‘indestructible body‘ because it will not die or decompose forever. Site No. Contact us. It was used for extraction of metals from ores, where moderate temperatures are … Vajrasana pose is also known as Diamond Pose, Pelvic Pose, Thunderbolt Pose, Kneeling Pose or Adamantine Pose.

Secrets of the Vajra Body: Dngos po'i gnas lugs and the Apotheosis of the Body in the work of Rgyal ba Yang dgon pa The vajramusti is usually made of ivory or buffalo horn. 394 & 1170 Sector 21 Near Udyog Vihar Gurugram Haryana India 122016 +91-70446-00000, +91-84203-00000. This dual definition can be traced back to its origins as a ritual object that had both the indestructible nature of a diamond and the irresistible force of … Like many Sanskrit words, vajra has more than one possible meaning in English.In this case, it can be translated as both “thunderbolt” and “diamond." Vajra (ヴァジュラ, Vajura) is a weapon appearing in the Vedic Mythology of ancient India.