Then this spell is for you to reverse a bad or unlucky issue. reverse the spell

These free magic reversal spells can also be used to change a bad situation into a good one. Matches or a lighter. A fireproof bowl.

stop the situation. In order to cast this spell, I will need a photograph of the target(s) and all involved whether it be you or other people and all birthdays of those to be included in the casting along with place of residence or place of birth if easily acquired.

To think so is just to put a temporary band-aid on the problem without getting to the root of the issue. This spell will help you reverse a situation via time. so the purpose of this jar spell is to reverse a situation and turn it around so it goes in the direction you desire.

reverse the occurrence. reverse the environment.

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These free magic reversal spells can also be used to change a bad situation into a good one. Tape the paper to the inside of the jar with the writing facing in. Serious inquiries. revert the situation. This spell is not a time travel spell but one to symbolically go back in time to reverse a situation.

These free magic reversal spells can be used also as a way to reflect negativity that has entered your life. Reverse Spells.

Now, reverse spells go a step farther than most breaking spells because they turn the energy of the magick back towards the person who cast it. reverse the improvement. For example, an onion has many layers and they have to be peeled away. Burn It Away Banishing You Will Need: A slip of paper. This spell is very simple to execute. Often, situations need more than just one spell to address multiple issues or complex situations. For this spell, you will need a black candle and a mirror. I now undo what has been done.” Imagine that positive energy and light are emanating from the water and flowing around you. This is a powerful spell that should be done for experts in the craft and not any others. But many Wiccans practice this spell to banish negative energy from their homes. reverse the deterioration. Ethical issues of trying to "harm none" are usually avoided because you are simply turning their own energy back towards them. This spell is a little creepy for those who are not familiar with Wiccan spells. reversing the situation. on a piece of white paper write the situation *as it is* the paper should be wide enough to wrap around the inside of your jar. reverse the momentum. They can also be used to break up or stop an argument also. reverse the plight. reverse the trend.