TRY THIS: Do this experiment with raw and boiled eggs spinning. Want Step by Step Video Instructions? Inertia causes the raw egg to spin even after you have stopped it, this contrasts with the solid white and yolk of the hard boiled egg, it responds much quicker if you touch it. Experiment Instructions.

You will find out what happens. In the raw egg, the liquid inside the egg slides about and this prevents the egg from spinning as fast. No, A boiled egg is more dense than a raw egg. This is a good experiment to test a friend or someone in your family with, see if they can figure out how to tell the difference between the eggs (without smashing them of course) before showing them your nifty trick. Step 2 – Take one egg out of the bowl and spin it on the table.Observe what happens. Watch the Detailed Hard Boiled or Raw Egg Science Experiment Step by Step Video. Does the egg continue spin or does it stop?

Step 1 – Prepare a bowl of 3 eggs, 2 raw eggs and 1 hard boiled egg. I added 16 tsp and the RAW egg floated. EXPERIMENT: If enough salt is added to 4 cups of water the egg will float.