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paul's second missionary journey route

We look at Paul’s second missionary journey (Acts 15:36 to 18:22). On this second missionary journey, he chooses Silas for that role. Click on the picture to enlarge. Dispute (15:36-40) After a time in Antioch, Paul proposes that he and Barnabas return to the field in order to strengthen the churches they planted on their previous journey. 2 Timothy 1:1 - Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus..

A year or two after completing their first missionary journey, Barnabas suggested that he and Paul revisit the churches they had planted. JEWETT: The Route of Paul's 'Second Missionary Journey' 3missionary journey, the 'roads and routes taken by Paul cannotbe established' because evidence is lacking at the present time.6 An examination of the evidence in Acts and aconsideration of travel conditions and urban development inthe Roman period suggest the possibility that there were well-maintained roads on the route from … Paul’s Second Missionary Journey 1 Chapter 7 Paul’s Second Missionary Journey Acts 15 u Acts 15:36 – 18:22 u Length – 3 years u 51 - 54 A.D. u Total miles traveled – Approximately 2,700+ miles (1,290 by sea, and 1.410 by land) A. Barnabas and Paul have a disagreement over … PAUL'S 'SECOND MISSIONARY JOURNEY' FROM DORYLAEUM TO TROAS Robert Jewett Summary The road 'down to Troas' (Acts 16:8) has never been thoroughly investigated. Acts 15:36 – “Then after some days Paul said to Barnabas, ‘Let us now go

View larger image. Asking Barnabas to join him to revisit the churches of their first missionary journey, a disagreement followed and caused them to split. Paul and his companion Barnabas left for the Second Missionary Journey from Jerusalem, in late Autumn 49 AD, after the meeting of the Council of Jerusalem where the circumcision question was debated. Finally, Paul and his companions sailed for Rome where Paul was to stand trial for his alleged crimes. They stopped in Antioch where they had a sharp argument about taking John Mark with them on their trips, as in the … Answer: The New Testament records Paul taking three missionary journeys that spread the message of Christ to Asia Minor and Europe. Map of the Second Missionary Journey of Paul the Apostle. Paul's Second Missionary Journey with Map. Apostle Paul's Second Missionary Journey Map. Paul's Second Missionary Journey. What happened on Paul's second missionary journey? Jesus promised that He would build His church and that the "gates of Hades" would not prevail against it. A - ANTIOCH of Pisidia First Journey C - CORINTH area Second Journey E - EPHESUS area Third Journey R - ROME Fourth Journey Paul’s Early Travels Acts 9-12 To Damascus to persecute Christians (Conversion) Acts 9 Stays in DamascusActs 9 Arabia Gal. Question: "What were the different missionary journeys of Paul?" Living in Jerusalem just after Christ’s death and resurrection, he did his best to destroy the Christian church.

Paul and Barnabas had intended to go together, but they disagreed about taking John Mark with them. Jesus promised that He would build His church and that the "gates of Hades" would not prevail against it. On the first journey, Barnabas had been Paul's main companion. The Second Missionary Journey of Paul the Apostle The New Testament - A Brief Overview. Pharisaic Judaizers come down to Antioch (Acts 15:1, 5) in the late summer of 49 A.D. and teach that circumcision is necessary before a person can be saved. Here is a map of Paul's second missionary journey to help you follow along: Paul's second missionary journey is recorded in Acts 15:36—18:22. Paul's Second Missionary Journey Map. Preparation for the Second Missionary Journey 1. Late Summer 49 A.D. to Late Autumn. 1:17 … The conflict eventually led to Paul's arrest and imprisonment in Caesarea for two years. - Our Newsletter. Pauls Missionary Journey 2.