Disc parking is a system of allowing time-restricted free parking through display of a parking disc or clock disc showing the time at which the vehicle was parked. If parking overnight, it's crucial to choose a safe, well-traveled, and well-lit spot for your car (see my tips for safe parking). This also includes situations where large boulevards and small side streets cross at uncontrolled intersections.

Driving in Germany can be a delight: the scenery is beautiful and the roads are well maintained. Ask your hotelier about parking options (and rules governing overnight parking); the hotel may offer a permit or free spot, whether in their own lot or through an agreement with a neighbor.

A patrolling parking attendant can inspect the disc to check whether payment is owed. The original system had been introduced along with establishing a Blue Zone area.

The information given in this section is a guide only and is subject to change at any time without notice. At some point, most of us who own cars in Germany are probably going to get slapped with a speeding ticket or a parking fine.

The latter are especially common. Driving in Germany.

In Germany, you must yield to the right, even if you are on the through road.

We recommend looking up your city's parking conditions to see which rules apply before starting your trip.

Official parking places in Switzerland are all marked and in most cases chargeable. But there are plenty of other regulations you should be aware of. Heavy traffic rules: Whenever traffic is heavily congested, normal right-of-way rules are suspended and the "zipper rule" (Reißverschluß) goes The system is common in Europe..

Signs and parking regulations in cities can seem confusing to expats and visitors alike who are not familiar with traffic regulations.
In the example of the cover photo, parking is limited to one hour (1 Stunde) Monday thru Friday between 8AM and 6PM, … How and when to use a Parking Disc in Germany Read More » These handy little “fake clocks” are required in many places where parking is free, but parking time is limited. There may be special arrangements for parking in each car2go city. But there are many rules and regulations to observe. The parking places are divided into different zones: Blue Zones: Parking from Monday till Saturday from 8 am until 6 pm is free of charge for an hour with the blue parking disc (including EU parking disc).

This information is also available in the Road Users Handbook. It's true: there are no speed limits on many sections of German autobahns. In all cases, you're not allowed to end trips outside the Home Area.

Updated - February 2016. Every car in Germany should have a parking disc (Parkscheibe) in the glove compartment.

Parking rules are designed to stop vehicles from parking where it would be dangerous or inconvenient for others.