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one factor that gets the public’s attention in terms of california legislators is their

b. drawing district lines in a way that is equal for only two political parties. Capacity in the broadest sense is the resources, the wherewithal for the legislature to do its job.

... - When they feel that their publics do not understand an issue Despite family disagreements and generation gaps, children tend to grow up and vote the way their parents do. Agenda-setting is essentially a competition for a limited resource: attention. are roughly twice as large as assembly districts. As James W. Dearing and Everett M. Rogers point out in Agenda-Setting (1996), proponents of specific issues are constantly competing to gain the attention of the media, the public, and the policy makers. ... - creating the perception that something is newsworthy to get the publics attention - good media coverage = high perception of importance. Family. c. drawing district lines in a way that favors one political party over another. Many factors — including family, gender, religion, race and ethnicity, and region — all contribute to American political attitudes and behavior. The one-to-one and one-to-many communications between individual legislators and their constituents covered in a companion paper on communication between legislators and constituents (Kurtz 1997) are obvious important elements of direct communication between a legislature and the public.

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Dearing and Rogers also point out that scarcity of attention is a factor in agenda-setting.


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The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) is an agency in the California executive branch that "manages pension and health benefits for more than 1.6 million California public employees, retirees, and their families".

Two sets of factors contribute substantially to the ability of a legislature to perform well. One can be called capacity, the other institutionalism.

Gerrymandering refers to. a. a procedure that is used by California legislators to stop a vote on a bill.