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is fidm a good school

They specialize in fashion … The college FIDM in the city of Los Angeles is a good school. This school is all about Fashion and if a person is not into the fashion industry or business this is not a good school for that person to be attending. The school provides many opportunities to get involved, as written in their weekly newsletters and monthly calendar.

FIDM is a two year school, but it is also a four year school! My parents are against it because they say you wont get a well paid job after i graduate, Is fidm really that bad? They have a great bachelor of science in business management which is awesome because it complements the two year degree from FIDM! Unfortunately, this "prestigious" degree does not waive various job interview requirements which entail evaluation of … I have been having network problems throughout an entire year. Please reach out to your Admissions Advisor, contact us at 213-624-1201, or email us at admissions@fidm.edu. I'm a junior and i have been looking at Fidm LA to go after i graduate for fashion design,i have heard that you don't always get a job after you graduate and that you wont have a social life because its very hard, and also it isn't a very good school. It takes the position that it offers a "prestigious" degree which will open the doors to success in the fashion and marketing fields. I'm also concerned with how much it will cost as far as the cost of living. I really hate it. My friends graduated from FIDM and they rave about the school and their fashion programs. My parents are completely against me going there because they think that I won't be able to get a good job through the school. FIDM is actually known for their fashion design program all around the world. I am graduating high school at the end of May and I have wanted to go to FIDM for about a year now. Its really hard to get homework done when the wifi is slow and you cant connect to your phone or iPad because it requires some certificates to activate. One of the most over-rated fashion design school is FIDM which offers so-called scholarships amounting to some $36,000 in student debt. Overly complicated and unpleasant school to learn in without a normal internet connection. I went out and visited the campus in March and absolutely loved it. FIDM staff is available and happy to speak with you and your family individually, but we want you to know we're also here to assist and guide you through a great online Admissions experience. FIDM has nothing to do with the medical field, the agricultural field, or the science field. Good school but it is unbelievable how awful the wifi is. Every student I’ve met at the Institute, is mostly hard working and wants to put in the work to become successful in their future career of their choice. We look forward to seeing you soon.