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freight farms support
More About Freight Farms. If you’ve ever seen a shipping container farm before, there’s a good chance it was one from Freight Farms. But, I always felt this was balanced and rewarded time. The Freight Farms' system brings a high volume of fresh, quality and affordable food within reach of everyone along the food supply chain. FREIGHT FARMS BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS. Let us know where to send a crop, farming, and site preparation guide using the form below. Plus, as a mission driven company the team was working toward a shared goal, and this was very motivating in these high-stress times. Freight Farms dedicated Client Services team is here to support farmers after the purchase of a container farm. Freight Farms – Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We offer training and technical assistance to ensure each of our farmers is growing successfully. In Boston, the team at Freight Farms is building self-contained hydroponic farms from old shipping containers that can be controlled with an app and make growing food anywhere, in any climate, possible. Freight Farms create access to food in areas of the world where the climate cannot support traditional farming methods. The Company distributes fresh produce and provides other crop production solutions. Gone are the days of waiting for seasonal produce. The company’s flagship product, The Leafy Green Machine, is a complete, commercial-ready, hydroponic growing system assembled inside an upcycled shipping container. Freight Farms Inc. supplies food. Users could also keep track of farming activities such as seeding and transplanting, and of course, Freight Farms’ support team took advantage of the same system to remotely diagnose and address issues. McNamara and co-founder Jon Friedman aren't farmers by trade. Launched in 2010, Freight Farms provides physical and digital solutions for creating local produce ecosystems on a global scale. Before the pair launched Freight Farms in 2010, they were working as green rooftop consultants to clients in urban areas, and found that pricing was always the sticking point. Yes. Information and translations of freight farms in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. We wrote about Freight Farms back in 2013, and we wanted to follow up with farmers actually using the equipment. PHONE: 1-877-687-4326 Meaning of freight farms. Definition of freight farms in the Definitions.net dictionary. Freight Farms is a start-up , so they expect you to work hard and sometimes long hours. Freight Farms has since raised about $12 million from VC firms. Freight Farms sells their LGMs—$76,000 a pop—to businesses in the supply chain, such as restaurant owners, schools, corporate campuses and ballparks. But, I always felt this was balanced and rewarded time. Freight Farms is a Boston-based agriculture technology company and was the first to manufacture and sell “container farms:” hydroponic farming systems retrofitted inside intermodal freight containers.Freight Farms also develops farmhand, a hydroponic farm management and automation software platform, and the largest connected network of hydroponic farmers in the world.