Best "all-around" 9mm powder I've always had at least one 9mm on hand over the years but have never reloaded for that cartridge since I have always been able to buy cheap ammo to shoot. Very fine powder, dense. (Medium burn rate powder) Rating - 100%. Beartooth Regular : Join Date: Jul 2007. While most of above powders could work for 9mm, I do have my favorites which will load 115 gr to 147 gr bullets well: For full power loads (slower than Unique/Universal): BE-86 and WSF.

I don't know if that is the BEST powder for 9mm but I know it cycles the action on my semi-auto using only 4.5 grs. I spent literally years trying to get the best out of the 9mm. Very fine powder, dense. Think of the 9mm 147 grain bullet as a bowling ball. #10 05-07-2017, 08:23 AM mikld. Alliant BE-86. All around good 9MM Powder. hi Ya, I am not satisfied with my 4.3gn of Power Pistol in front of 147 moly coated lead truncated cone bullet as far as accuracy is concerned. This is a top choice for 9 MM. Slower Powder than most others here, very dense powder. Mine is 3.4 grains WSF (Winchester Super Field) under any 147 grain 9mm bullet. Think of trying to move a bowling ball with your hand. Location: Richmond, VA. Posts: 3,430 Accuracy loading for the 9mm? I found AA#7 worked well for a 147gr 9mm load, but you didn't mention it in your powder list.

I had read that the 115 grain in +P was the best, but had my doubts, so went with 124 grain. I will be aquiring a set of dies and some 147 grain bullets in the upcoming weeks to give them a try. I like 124 gr jacketed bullets in 9mm. Accurate #5. Think of trying to move a bowling ball with your hand.
I was looking at Bullseye for my IDPA 9mm subsonics, but was able to restock on HP38 which has been my main non-magnum powder.

The industry standard for the 147-grain JHP seems to be 960 to 1000 fps. I started casting and coating my own bullets in HI-Tek and Titegroup just doesn't work well with cast. This is definitely above the minor power factor floor, but it cycles remarkably flat with the factory G34 gen 4 dual recoil spring. Eventually these loads would need to meet competition required power factors. 5.56 Testing is in progress. Accurate #5. Chris - first spend lots of … Very clean, very soft recoil, low muzzle flash and good accuracy. (Medium burn rate powder) This loading breaks 1047 fps average in the GLOCK 19. That's what I do. I am thinking of simply using the 147 gr Hodgdon … On a side note; WST might not be the best to use with 9mm due to lack of published data; but, I have tried 3.5 gr with the 147's and liked the way it ran. This is a top choice for 9 MM. HS6 and Winchester 540 are the same powder. I general, I found the best accuracy at 50 yards for the 125-125 grain at about 1050 fps using medium burn rate powder and about 90% case fill.

The goal in loading 9mm for action shooting (outside the niche of 9mm major open guns) is to get good accuracy and low felt recoil with a power factor (bullet weight in grains times velocity in fps) of 125,000 plus some margin(for variation in chronos, round to round, and weather).
The consensus way to do this is light charges of fast powders under heavy bullets. I have been carrying 124 grains to find middle ground.

For 9mm, that's 147 grain bullets, Solo 1000, and usually a Federal primer. Kinda feel the WSF is a safer bet. CFE Pistol Powder for 9MM. Way too many variables with the electronic scale -- warmup time, EMI, etc.. Hodgdon Titegroup.