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Some of you may remember the mind numbing long distance game of the 70s and 80s. Vintage Princess Phone - This classic telephone design is known for its rounded edges, sleek style, and compact size. Wiki User 2010-08-30 14:24:23. Most calls were short but, if you talked for a long time, an operator would interrupt and say that you need to deposit another dime to continue the call.

LEONARD MCCOMBE. The companies claim that in order to cover increasing costs and maintain satisfactory customer service, doubling the cost of a local call is vital. Get the best deals on Collectible Telephones (1970-Now) ... Hardened Steel T-key TKEY T Wrench Access Tool Payphone Pay Phone Western.

The old phone receiver sits in a pair of gold-finished metal prongs supported by the ornate phone base.

The Phone Thing comes to you from 1979, but considering the advances in telecommunications since then, it may as well be 1879.

Asked in Citrus Fruit How much did limes cost in the decade 1970 ? posted by FencingGal at 3:55 PM on February 29, 2016 [2 favorites] 5 out of 5 stars (15) Total Ratings 15, $9.99 New. If you had a dime, you did and you continued to talk. ... a dime for a local call. 5 out of 5 stars Information Cards and Windows Payphone Display Pay Phone Info GTE Western. If you’ll recall, the first minute was always the most expensive.
I wonder if there are earlier songs with references to the cost of a phone call.

How much did it cost to use pay phones in the 1950s? In Jim Croce's 1972 song "Operator," he says to the telephone operator, "You can keep the dime." ... How much does it cost to use a pay phone? A book of the names and address of people living in a city. Word Detective says "drop a dime" originated in the 1960s. In the year 1970, a pair of jeans cost about $10.This was typically for a brand name such a Wrangler or Levis. What is the answers to module 18 foolproof. Different brands and models of these types of vintage telephones have varied decorative gold designs around the dial. If you dialed a number out of the local calling area, the phone dinged, the dime was returned and the operator came on the line to tell you the amount of the additional charges. A call in a public phone booth cost a dime.

If you did not, then the call was disconnected. Week of Jan. 1, 1973 Bell Telephone and AT&T request a 10¢ rise in pay-phone rates to 20¢.