The little one was identified by Canada's TVA as Mary Lynne Leroux. YouTube user Alain Leroux uploaded this clip of a 10-month-old baby girl crying quietly as her mother sings a sad song.

Carrie Underwood’s Baby Stops Crying When She Sings To Him—And The Video Is So Sweet And he starts crying again when he hears his dad sing! This 10-month-old's impassioned response to her mother's private performance of "My Heart Can't Tell You No" gives a whole new (beautiful) meaning to the word "cry-baby."

Baby Jacob Stops Crying When His Mom, Carrie Underwood Sings Video Credit: CBS4 Miami - Duration: 00:22s - Published on June 24, 2019 Carrie Underwood filmed her son crying when his dad started singing, but as soon as mom sang the crying stopped Amster11 Published October 8, 2018 4,237 Plays $2.57 earned. This cannot be a coincidence. As soon as she stops singing, the baby stops crying. When it's 3 a.m. and your baby won't stop crying, having little tips and tricks on hand can, if anything, help you feel more prepared. Augusta Statz 2019-06-24

... Every single time she sings the tune, the baby starts to cry. Fisher jumps in again and, like clockwork, baby Jacob starts crying … Baby Girl Is Not A Fan Of Her Mom's Singing. Prepare yourself for some serious baby feels. A mom sings to her baby on video and goes viral. Underwood starts singing the song where Fisher left off and the baby immediately stops crying, turns toward his mom’s voice and seems riveted. After a few seconds, Jacob’s face crumbles and he starts crying. Her emotional baby tears up and smiles, tears up and smiles – showing the power of music and those little moments that become big memories.